• Li

    14 Dec '09

    Mmm space marshmallows. More marshy than earth mallows.

  • Erik

    20 Mar '10

    have you seen what happens to marshmallows in a vacuum? Look it up on you tube.

  • Tugui

    05 Aug '10

    I wanna go too!!!!!! :D Shoelace!!!!!!!! u make me so happy!!! :D

  • Bryan

    10 Aug '10

    But how would you eat them afterwards? D:

  • Grumpy Old Man

    25 Sep '10

    We use to sign our names on a styro cup then attach it to the outside of a submarine - when it came back, it was itty-bitty and people would ask how wrote so small.

  • Preston

    20 Jan '11

    :D Indeed they are!

  • allison

    28 Apr '11

    i wish i could do them shout out to li!

  • Stephy

    16 Jun '11

    :O my last name is also Chen!!! :3

  • Lucca

    26 Jul '11

    I dunno, I still think the best marshmallows are martian mallows...

  • God

    17 Sep '11

    @Erik: Space isn't actually a vacuum. It's close to one, but there are sparse particles floating around it. If it were a real vacuum, your spaceship would disintegrate while passing through it. As would all of the planets in the universe.

  • Nekoko

    17 May '12

    Oh my gosh! Your boyfriend smiled O.o ;)

  • María

    03 Jul '12

    LOL how funny, I make fondant with marshmallows!!! :D

  • Joost

    25 Jul '12

    I love how your cat is always with you!

  • Evelyn

    14 Sep '13

    and then to the moon to eat them!

  • Angel

    24 Oct '13

    But that ... that logic I..I

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