• Li

    22 Jul '15

    I know I'm really late to this party but I recently started catching up on Cosmos. Pretty good; could use more bees.

  • Jonathan

    22 Jul '15

    Cute! OwO "Space and Bee-yond" :v

  • James

    22 Jul '15

    haha - a new star is born!!!

  • Zev Eisenberg

    23 Jul '15

    Beellions and beellions.

  • It's me

    23 Jul '15

    Have you heard the buzz? Asteriod belt actually billions of solidified bees waiting the signal to wake from sleep.

  • Santiago

    23 Jul '15

    *Reading with the voice of Neil deGrasse Tyson*

  • MishMash

    23 Jul '15

    is it just me or is Li walking in place because it doesn't look like the background (0r Li) moved, yet it shows she took a step...

  • TomFinn

    23 Jul '15

    @MishMash it's just parallax

  • Invisibules

    24 Jul '15

    it is so you can have LOTS of them!

  • Krem

    27 Jul '15

    The frame is moving along with Li; she is not moving in relation to the frame, but the grass and flowers under her feet do

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