• Li
    15 Jul '15

    I’ve been working hard on comic 400 but the Talos Principle expansion comes out soon and I’m scared

  • Muzz
    15 Jul '15

    I'm eating while reading this.

  • Kelly
    15 Jul '15

    Haha, this is completely me when I hear people eating :D
    Love the comics!

  • Julianna
    16 Jul '15

    I always have this problem when someone around me is eating.
    This demonstrate it perfectly :D

  • Michel
    16 Jul '15

    I can hear that little demon chewing like a hedgehog or something... did you ever hear a hedgehog eating a snail? so disgusting! xD

    If you feel VERY angry or aggressive about people chewing or smacking their lips it could be misophonia, a mental disorder. I learned about it a year ago and I have it since my early childhood. Maybe the information helps someone who reads it =)

  • Invisibules
    16 Jul '15

    love the distance blur in panel 4!

  • Vellico
    16 Jul '15

    öÑam ñam ñam ñam :3

  • Totz the Plaid
    Totz the Plaid
    16 Jul '15

    Loud eating makes me feel ill.

  • Masoud
    17 Jul '15

    When was the last time anyone saw shoelace on the ground? I think he has taken up air bending :)

  • Danielle
    18 Sep '15

    My friend sent this to me and told me this is me when I eat french fries. Now whenever I eat french fries he makes the worm's face. It's great.