• Gorka

    29 May '16

    This is seriously awesome, I'd love to be part of the next one or some similar project - let me know if you're interested and I'll show you what I can code. Cheers, Gorka

  • Amy

    29 May '16

    T.T it's so beautiful. I miss days like this with my cat <3

  • Neko

    30 May '16

    Expressive and immersive (nearly cinematic) while staying true to traditional comic form and capturing the beauty of an otherwise everyday event. Well done, Li! :D

  • Jasmine

    31 May '16

    Windows 10, Google Chrome. I think it may be the device though.

  • Maggie

    01 Jun '16

    Such a lovely comic! it's cold out there but I feel so warm after watching this. thank you! :)

  • Emma

    02 Jun '16

    Everything you do is just the greatest.

  • Tony

    02 Jun '16

    You know, if you have rainymood.com on in a background tab, makes this comic so much more fun! Love this either way though.

  • Joshua

    03 Jun '16

    This is so cute! Love it!

  • Johnboy

    04 Jun '16

    GASP!! Im da best people on the internet?! YAy

  • Me

    07 Jun '16

    This is why I love your comics. Every day activities.. mundane.. even depressing ones, become exciting adventures! It's how I see the world, and I love watching it come to life.

  • Jenny

    09 Jun '16

    Beautiful! :)

  • masoud

    14 Jun '16

    Thank you. It's beautiful. Thank you...

  • Mitsy

    15 Jun '16

    This is one of the most amazing comics, you've really outdone yourself! And it wasn't even a 500 special! You're seriously one of my top favorite artists right along with show creators and Disney animators. I harbor so much respect for you and your incredible art. Keep being amazing.

  • paul

    20 Jun '16

    This is wonderful! I love your art style!

  • Grisel

    24 Jun '16

    <3 loves it

  • MishMash

    30 Jun '16

    So beautiful. It really pulls you in and you can't help but hear the rain, the boots sploshing along the sidewalk, the chime... It all comes together, and creates this homey, comfortable feeling. Great attention to detail. Thank you for this, Li. :)

  • Sophie

    23 Jul '16

    Hi Li Chen :) I opened this comic using mozilla and also google chrome. However, it only appear half picture of an umbrella and then I dont know what to do. Hehehuhu. I really want to read this comic. Hope you can help me. Thank you. :)

  • John

    12 Aug '16

    I like the cursor blinking on the screen. :-)

  • Joshua

    01 Sep '16

    haha this really is so nice ^__^ at first, i too thought the loading screen was you messing around buuut man, that was actually quite sweet :)

  • Charlotte

    18 Sep '16

    So cute! And I think I there's a Rurouni Kenshin reference, either that or a crazy coincidence.

  • Haydeé

    04 Nov '16

    Love your work a lot!!! Thanks for give us those great draws

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