• Li

    28 Sep '16

    I have a special comic for you :D

    Jordan and I are on holiday in Japan at the moment so the next comic won't be until the 19th of October. I'll still be posting artwork and photos on facebook, twitter and instagram though! Also, just a reminder that if you want to support my work, I have a Patreon page.

    Hope you guys have a great week, see you soon!

  • Sera

    28 Sep '16

    Heartbreaking but beautiful!

  • Tessa

    29 Sep '16

    Life can bee cruel like that

  • Amber

    29 Sep '16

    This is the best EVER! Poor Mr. Bee with his dapper hat!

  • Tim V.

    29 Sep '16

    I love the saturated colourings in this one. Fantastic work!

  • Justin

    29 Sep '16

    I think you mean beeutiful.

  • Meghan

    29 Sep '16

    The next comic will be on my birthday! I'm very excited :)

  • Rebecca

    30 Sep '16

    Oh no! Poor little bumble

  • Mobrox007

    01 Oct '16

    Another beautifully funny comic, Li! Thanks for making my day!

  • James

    01 Oct '16

    Awww. Poor bee! He tried so hard :(

  • Annika

    02 Oct '16

    Hihi, awsome :*

  • ScrabbleDiva

    05 Oct '16

    Aww! So cute! :D

  • Bridget

    06 Oct '16

    In that moment, we were all the bee.

  • Epicness

    09 Oct '16

    I love the bright colors and art! Supah cul!!

  • Linnet

    16 Oct '16

    This is so adorable! I've been seeing a lot of your art lately, and I just wanted to know, what software do you use for your drawings? Thanks!

  • Sid

    31 Oct '16

    Oh that was wonderful!

  • cinder

    28 Apr '18

    l wanna scream❤❤❤❤!

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