• Li
    3 Apr '12

    Hello readers!

    Our Kickstarter is live! Not only is it live, but it’s only been up for 48 hours and already our amazing fans have pledged more than half of our target! Thank you so much to everyone, this is so exciting it asplodes my brain.

    The project is to make Exocomics collected volumes 1 & 2, of 100 comics each, plus loads of extra art and content. Go see the project page for all the details: cool exclusive stuff is available for backers!

    Further awesome news: We are super lucky to be able to work with award-winning, perfectionist print expert Kyra from Threaded Magazine! The books are gonna be so awesome, you don’t even know.

    Finally, some more awesome news: if the project is successful, I will resign my job and do Exocomics full time! If that happens, I want to release comics more frequently, and work on some new ideas I have for projects, both with Exocomics and totally new stuff.

    Jump on twitter or facebook, or the kickstarter project page to keep up with project developments. Thanks everyone!


  • John
    4 Apr '12

    Bowties are cool.

  • Kaze
    4 Apr '12

    Can't wait :D

  • Hiro
    4 Apr '12

    I'm really excited for you Li! I hope you can go into comiking full time; that really is a dream come true. ^^

  • Jake
    4 Apr '12

    I read every Wednesday and would love to help out but i have no money's just wanted to let you know im rooting for you

  • Ecchin
    4 Apr '12

    Well... i know 48 hours may not be very relevant, statisticaly speaking, but you got 1/3 of your goal on the first day, which is fantastic. Then 1/6 was added on the second day, which is still awesome. But i hope this trend does not continue because

    1/3 + 1/6 + 1/12 + 1/24 + ... + 1/(3*2^n) = 2/3... 66%!


  • Adrian vG
    Adrian vG
    4 Apr '12

    I'm a backer.

  • Blue
    4 Apr '12

    Yay..... Super Li full time!!!!!!!

  • Lord Kap
    Lord Kap
    5 Apr '12

    Backer! :D

  • John
    5 Apr '12

    I'm backing you! Best of luck!

  • Ecchin
    5 Apr '12

    Thank god i was wrong :D

  • Vanessa Salas
    Vanessa Salas
    5 Apr '12

    Woo! That would be awesome to do Exocomics full time. I wish you luck in your endeavor.

  • Becca
    5 Apr '12

    Wow, Li! That's so awesome! I read your comics every week, and it's great to see it coming along like this. :)

  • Lou
    5 Apr '12

    Seriously Li? A commercial/ad instead of a comic?
    I am disappoint.

  • Betsy
    5 Apr '12

    They should call you Li-Mix-A-Lot, 'cause you got back(ed).
    *nervously tugs at collar* yeee.
    But srsly, congrats! The internet people love you!

  • Tim
    5 Apr '12

    the comic is on the kickstarter page!
    I am disappoint at your sense of entitlement.

  • RMG
    5 Apr '12

    Good luck on your kickstarter, already pledged :)
    Wouldn't recommend quitting your job though, a stable income provides security. Unless you REALLY hate your job :p

  • Tyler Weber
    Tyler Weber
    5 Apr '12

    I look foreword to your comic every week! Of course I'm a backer!

  • Carmen G
    Carmen G
    5 Apr '12

    Yay I'm a backer! It's so heart-warming to see how enthusiastic your fans are Li :D We're all barracking for you!

  • Abstruse Goose » supernova
    Abstruse Goose » supernova
    6 Apr '12

    [...] Do something extraordinary. Help kickstart Li. [...]

  • Xaromir
    6 Apr '12

    As said on FB: Bad Li for not writing earlier on the blog about it - but i'm so looking forward to holding them in my hand. <3 Your strips always make my day.

  • vikram
    6 Apr '12

    well i'd be happy to contribute..only if this was a funnier/more interesting/better in some way webcomic.

    so, no.

  • Ian
    6 Apr '12

    Turns out the kickstarter was kind of like your last comic! :D Grew so fast!

  • Tobokeru
    7 Apr '12

    Longing for new comic T____T

  • Jacki
    7 Apr '12

    Wooorrrdddd. Getting two books! Yippee!
    Can Shoelace sign them too?

  • Dizzy
    7 Apr '12

    " if the project is successful, I will resign my job and do Exocomics full time!"

    Well holy congratulations there, I think you've got that one down. :D

  • Edd
    8 Apr '12

    Finally :D The book

  • reddingreading
    9 Apr '12

    Question: Can I get the books even if I don't pledge? I want to buy them, but the only way on the pledge thing that I could get them is if I give my whole month's salary (I am a poor college student!).

  • vikram_is_dumb
    18 Apr '12

    @vikram: You, sir, are a carcass fit for hounds. Take your foolish disdain elsewhere; Li's art is magical.

  • kaccey
    21 Jul '13

    Can we still get our hands on a copy of this book ?