• Li
    23 Apr '14

    Hey guys!

    The new Kickstarter is live, and already funded over 50%! Thanks everyone!

    Kickstarter has become properly available in New Zealand now, so the new project is in NZ dollars (NZ$1 is about US$0.85). We want to make Volume 3 of exocomics, and a special, separate comic book for #300 - see the project page for more info.

    Thanks so much to everyone who’s already pledged, I’m so lucky to have such great readers. If you have any questions about the project, please email us or leave a comment here, or on the project itself.



  • bob
    24 Apr '14

    Umm... is that butt tape on the bottom of missing poster? And more importantly, where can a person obtain such a product?

  • Kaity
    24 Apr '14

    Happy to Help. Love your comics. People comment on my commission I purchased a few years ago all the time.

  • Marc
    26 Apr '14

    Pledged! 76% funded, woo!

  • Xeno!
    26 Apr '14

    Ocdoepus: Much Lost; So Reward

  • Vi
    30 Apr '14

    Yayy, 89% funded already! Way to go Li!
    Me and my boyfriend pledged already.

    I would wish you good luck but you are an awesome artist and a lot of people love your work so I don't think you need it. :)