guest strip by popstrip


  • Li

    14 Dec '09

    Guest strip by Steve from! You can check out my guest comic here.

  • lt_amazil

    18 Apr '10

    it's like the bigbookofbiff comics you don't get some of it but sometimes that's the point

  • Jens

    29 May '10

    BUT!!!...They can supercharge their lightsabers with the force!!!...maybe...I dunno, don't ask me, Jedi and Sith are awesomefull.

  • Lisa

    07 Aug '10

    Perhaps -thinks deeply- a lightsabre powered by kryptonite? They are green after all.

  • Daniel

    14 Aug '10

    Good cat.

  • Stumbler

    26 Aug '10

    I've had this argument with my friends before :P Superman gets his powers from the Earths yellow sun, and lightsabers are (apparently) basically contained stars, but, Krypton had a Red sun, and it made all them normal-ish so a Red lightsaber would be able to kill Superman, but any other colour would fail, and a yellow lightsaber would make him stronger :P YAY WE'RE NERD :D

  • Jedi Magnus

    29 Sep '10

    Lightsabers aren't suns. They are in fact laser light focused through crystals and have a feedback loop to round the laser back into the hilt. this also recharges the power pack at the same rate as it is being discharged. IT's really just specially refracted light. And there are things that can resist lightsabers: Mandalorian iron, aka beskar, an alloy known as Phrik, an ore called cortosis, and some organic animal shells. Weird, eh?

  • The Great Skeptic

    18 Dec '10

    Ah yes, I see what you're saying, Jedi Magnus. But what about a lightsaber where the laser light is focused through KRYPTONITE? I do believe that would work.

  • Penelope

    16 Jan '11

    Psssssst. There's something wrong with the numbers a the bottom of the comic. Though you should know. o_______o

  • Penelope

    16 Jan '11

    at the bottom* Thought* ...yeah I fail. I BLAME FINALS WEEK. kaybye. :D P.S. I LURVE YOUR COMICS. <3

  • Tommy

    02 Feb '11

    STEVE FROM POPSTRIP? Nice. He's hella awesome.

  • Thomas Knowitall

    07 Mar '11

    Superman gets stronger with solar radiation, so as he got close to the sun the increased radiation would make him strong enough to live in the heat, untill he actually got INTO the sun. A lightsaber would cut superman because there is no radiation to strengthen him against the intolerable heat.

  • Matti

    29 Apr '11

    Use Kryptonite as the focusing crystal it'd probably kill superman straight away.

  • Zeek

    24 Aug '11

    Matti, you took the comment I was about to say after reading this.

  • Fluffy

    13 Jan '12

    Zeek, it's so right it's been said twice. But it would have to be green kryptonite... as we all know hitting Superman with a red kryptonite lightsaber is exactly equivalent to hitting anyone else with the silly stick. And yes if he was under a red sun he would be affected by it normally, however anywhere he gets reasonably regular exposure to a similar spectrum to Sol he'd be fine (he can go indoors and stuff because it would be lame otherwise). Sad face at level of geekhood :(

  • Evan

    06 Apr '12

    thats why i don't like superman. it's no fun to read if the main character is invincible... no thrill

  • Someonewhoknows

    20 May '13

    technically, a light-saber could cut superman because its a completely different kind of radiation then our sun (radiation from the red sun gives him powers), and who knows, the power crystals could be different types of Kryptonite.

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