Cat Town


  • Li

    14 Apr '21

    I'm excited to announce that I've started a new comic project! It's called Cat Town and will be exclusive to Patreon. Here is the first comic, hope you like it :)I'll still be making exocomics as usual!

  • pcdevil

    15 Apr '21

    "I'm not allowed on the phone that late." - ahh, the memories are just rushing through my head! thanks Li!

  • FadhilKwan

    15 Apr '21

    (20)210214..... Kinda looks like a special day?

  • Falling Cats

    15 Apr '21

    That is cute. Good luck with your project.

  • Derobukal

    15 Apr '21

    Wow, this is really cute, i love this cat!!!

  • Marco

    15 Apr '21

    I read te card as petective and to me it made sense

  • Marco

    15 Apr '21

    the* card

  • Xeno!

    16 Apr '21

    Fish is a crime.

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