• Li

    09 Feb '10


  • Sam Shackelford

    10 Feb '10

    Shoelace has a teddy bear? Adorable! (And do your socks smell like popcorn???)

  • swb

    10 Feb '10

    Wow, there's even side-plot with Shoelace. Looking forward to the big 100.

  • Brohan

    10 Feb '10

    Almost at triple digits!! the next one better be a.m.a.z.i.n.g

  • Moonshadow

    10 Feb '10

    Is that a roguelike on the laptop?

  • Phil

    10 Feb '10

    Is that Nethack?

  • Andrew Stella

    10 Feb '10

    Wow 99! That's so exciting, congratulations! Hope it's awesome

  • acce245

    10 Feb '10

    The bear is a spy...

  • 535

    10 Feb '10

    It looks more like the castle-designing screen of Castles, to me. Very "old school" of him, if so.

  • Loopy

    10 Feb '10

    :( I wished my socks smelled like popcorn. Instead they just smell like socks.

  • plasticuser

    10 Feb '10

    I dunno - sounds like a trick question to me.

  • Li

    10 Feb '10

    Hehe all game guesses so far are wrong

  • Izzy

    10 Feb '10

    Dwarf Fortress?

  • Nojh

    10 Feb '10

    Maybe its Baulder's Gate... but that was a rogue like. It certainly looks like a dungeon crawler. Shoelace is so cute. Why do you ponder so hard Li? Of course it smells like popcorn.

  • Pete

    10 Feb '10

    He's playing WORM! :)

  • seventoes

    10 Feb '10

    Looks like Dwarf Fortress to me!

  • Moonshadow

    10 Feb '10

    @Izzy, @seventoes: I wondered about DF, but the screen isn't busy enough. Maybe some kind of Pipemania clone?

  • Izzy

    10 Feb '10

    @Moonshadow: It could be a newly dug out section, but the more I look at the menu looking thing off to the right, the more I think it might not be DF. The closest menu I can find is the stockpiles menu(p), but that has more stuff in it... It's not Nethack or any derivative of it(Sporkhack's the only one I can think of at the moment, but I know there's others...). They use the whole screen or the top line for their menus... As for any other games, I can't think of anything...

  • Ross

    10 Feb '10

    I would have guessed nethack as well. Congrats on 99 and still being awesome!

  • Sharky

    10 Feb '10

    On the American tv show Parks & Recreation the other night, there was a pet DOG named Shoelace. What a weird coincidence. Personally, I think one of the writers must be a fan of yours and co-opted the name.

  • Sixty-Seven

    10 Feb '10

    I'm sure your socks are fine/popcorn-scented.

  • Tyler

    11 Feb '10

    You should color in the next one, it'll be special.

  • Christi

    11 Feb '10

    I love the sideplot with shoelace! and socks can sometimes smell like popcorn.

  • Christi

    11 Feb '10

    I also think he's playing Chip's Challenge.

  • Wessel

    11 Feb '10

    It's Digger! :D *hums the popcorn song*

  • phryk

    01 Aug '10

    And I thought I was the only one thinking his socks smelled like popcorn… o_O So, does that mean that I'm not insane or that I found another insane individual?

  • Kate

    06 Oct '10

    Oh my gosh, I have the same thing with my socks!! =D Though, for some reason, my shoes smell like Fritos. Weird.. *ponderous face*

  • Serge

    27 Nov '10

    Your little Shoelace adventures in the background of your comics are so adorable they just might kill me X-D

  • Alex

    05 Jan '11

    My socks smell like popcorns, too...

  • Marizú

    13 Apr '11

    hahaha love it!

  • anna

    07 Aug '11

    My feet smell like popcorn in the winter time. So does my brother's feet. We're not alone.

  • Benjamin

    10 Aug '11

    Mine smell like nachos... <.<

  • Jeff

    02 Sep '11

    Its Dwarf Fortress!!! :D

  • Cris

    25 Sep '11

    he's playing TD games!!!

  • Bathysphere

    17 Oct '11

    Is it Urban Dead?

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    Maybe you stepped on popcorn? It might happen. Popcorn is very tricky like that.

  • fox

    10 Apr '13

    Stone Soup Dungeon Crawl?

  • Urist McDwarf

    11 Apr '13

    OMG, he's playing DF. That's my favorite comics from now on.

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