• Li

    26 Jan '10

    "What do you mean? That's how big I said it was" On another note just so all of you know I don't actually stick real eyebrows on my cat.

  • 10n

    27 Jan '10

    but whyyy......

  • Maggie

    27 Jan '10

    Hehe. So cute and funny! I do the same thing~ >_<

  • swb

    27 Jan '10

    I think this one might be even funnier without words. =]

  • Brohan

    27 Jan '10

    If you don't stick eyebrows on cats, Reddit found someone who does!! http://i.imgur.com/0PJCj.jpg I love Reddit :D

  • plasticuser

    27 Jan '10

    You didn't just set shoelace on the spider? Sassy deals with all my spiders for me.

  • Catbunny

    27 Jan '10

    My cat sushi will eat the spider. Sometimes, when she is feeling generous, she will chew on it a bit and then leave it on my pillow for me.

  • Yenny

    27 Jan '10

    LOL!!!!!! And I did Laughed Out Loud!!!! How come you don't stick eyebrows on Shoelace? I've been meaning to do it to my boyfriend's cat...

  • DarkLight

    27 Jan '10

    We know the EYEBROWS aren't real! You use paper... ^_~

  • chalom

    28 Jan '10

    Where's Shoelace? He could deal with a spider THIS big!

  • Jens

    29 May '10

    Obviously you don't stick eyebrows on him anymore, that's what the operation was for...he already has them...

  • Dr. Sakuya, PhD

    18 Jun '10

    There was a fiddler crab in my house that I thought was a spider, it was like this big: |___________________________|

  • Desgami

    13 Sep '10

    The second panel just awwww, and kinda makes me sad too...

  • sarah

    03 May '11

    hahahahahaha I about died of laughter because that is exactly what I do :D

  • Jeremy

    30 Jul '11

    There was a weta in my house once: I woke up in the middle of the night because it was on my throat.

  • Aquacoon

    18 Aug '11

    Of course you don't stick REAL eyebrows on your cat, that'd be weird. They're FAKE eyebrows, you stick FAKE eyebrows on your cat. Sheesh!

  • MartMart

    23 Apr '13

    We have spiders that big in Virginka, it's called a Wolf Spider, it's hairy with long legs and runs sideways....

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