• Li

    21 Jan '10

    The sound of the label printing makes my heart tingle. Also if you like my comics please don't forget to share them using the buttons at the top of the sidebar - it's always nice to get new visitors! :)

  • Maggie

    21 Jan '10

    Haha. Awesome. I'd totally do that too if I had both a cat and a label machine!~

  • Matnik

    22 Jan '10

    Does the label count as a cat monobrow?

  • swb

    22 Jan '10

    I think you should use the labeler to make two eyebrows for Shoelace. "Left" and "Right"

  • Angelica

    22 Jan '10

    hahahaha...this is hilarious :]

  • Evan

    22 Jan '10

    Haha, cute..

  • acce245

    22 Jan '10

    'Tonight, on a very special Extra Ordinary, a young girl faces her addiction..... to labels.' 'In a world filled with kittens and label machines, one man must save the past.... from its own future!' I could go on, but I will refrain. Awesome comic today.

  • Lily

    22 Jan '10

    That is exactly what I did with my label maker: labeled EVERYTHING! Mwahahaha.

  • Larn

    22 Jan '10

    I have a feeling this has been done.

  • Murasakivie

    22 Jan '10

    Secret? On the belly? That can only mean one thing... A baby!! Or gas. I guess it could be gas.

  • Ace

    23 Jan '10

    Love the look on your face in the last panel.

  • Tad

    24 Jan '10

    This comic made my day. =^.^=

  • Mari

    01 Feb '10

    MOAR WALL hahaha

  • Canti

    13 Mar '10

    thats exactly how i feel when i get a labaler

  • Fuzzy

    19 Mar '10

    I want one of these sooooo badly! Also, this is probably one of my favorites :D

  • lt_amazil

    14 Apr '10

    (insert witty pun here)

  • JD

    24 May '10

    Reminds me of when I was 8 and found a labelprinter in the attic...

  • ina

    09 Aug '10

    the label on your tummy says "secret" hmmm........

  • foozlesprite

    14 Aug '10

    Mmm wallpaper!

  • zebra

    15 Aug '10

    why does Jordan call him cat instead of his real name?

  • jeffS

    15 Aug '10

    haha ive so done this XD but NOTHING is sadder than a labeler thats out of tape

  • Kate

    30 Sep '10

    i...'ve.. totally never.... done this... before.... ¬_¬ 'course not...


    28 Oct '10

    THAT is EXACTLY THE REASON, why i never bought a labeling machine x3

  • Loren

    13 Nov '10

    There's one a while back that explains the eyebrows. Labels! Yay! I can never seem to convince anyone to buy me one. I don't know why. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Rachel

    14 Nov '10

    Me and my sister labeled my niece. She was very small...About 6 months. And we put "Baby" on her forehead. And carried her around. My brother-in-law saw it and gave us a funny look and my sister said "Well ya know, in case we forget. Or get her mixed up with something." Ha. =^_^=

  • Serge

    29 Nov '10

    Fiancee upon reading this comic: "Why won't you let *me* have a label maker?" Me: "This is why!"

  • Che-Che

    14 Dec '10

    My friends just shared your comics with me, and it's like you're in my head! I love my label-maker...and Star Trek...and SIMs...your comics are great, and so relateable! ~> Che

  • Jon

    19 May '11

    These are not the droids you're looking for.... Oh, yes they are... They're labeled.

  • Qua

    15 Jun '11

    I absolutely love your stuff. You are like me, only 1000 times more awesome saucesome! I love your kitty stuff, and I even happen to own a few kitty tails and ears. Anyways, I thought you might enjoy the comic @ meninhats.com, it is one I have loved for years! <3 Can't wait for more of your comics. You make me smile uncontrollably!

  • Jai

    07 Aug '11

    These are the most fantastic comics I have ever encountered. I absolutely adore them, and have now linked them to everyone I think would possibly enjoy them. I've spent hours just looking through them, and letting them fill every nook of my hear. I want your life.

  • Benjamin

    10 Aug '11

    the last panel was so indescribably cute. :3

  • Drackodelmal

    28 Jul '12

    Wooo new reader, came here from reddit

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