• Ty

    07 Jan '12

    wow. I used to do this when i was younger except i would associate numbers with colors. ex. 3 always made me think of purple and 2 a light brown. i would avoid using certain numbers if i did not like their color. i don't do this anymore though :(

  • Leaa

    08 Jan '12

    I ran across your comic by accident and I love it all! Super cute! But I just had to leave a comment on this particular one because I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who does this I've always associated personalities with numbers and my friends always thought it was sooo weird. But thank you so much for informing me that I'm still a bit weird but at least not alone! And just fyi here are my number personalities: 1 = is the mother of 2 and is sort of a working mom and doesn't have too much time for her son. 2= is the trouble maker of the bunch always up no good. Sort of trying to get attention from his mom. 3= is 2's cousin and they are best friends. He's a very good kid but two is always dragging him into trouble. 4= Is the mother of 3 and 5. Very doting mother who only wants her children to be happy. 5= (my favorite number) She's very nice and kind and smart. Sweet tempered and doesn't like confrontation. She has a relationship with 6 6= is the like great catch among the numbers. He is handsome, nice and smart. Great guy six. 7= She is also in love with 6 and is constantly trying to break them up. I really dislike seven. 8= is 7's brother and also in love with 5. But he's also very nice and understands that 5 and 6 belong together so he stands back. 9= Is the oldest brother of 7 and 8. Very strict and very business like he takes care of his siblings. 10= Is their old grandfather who is like the jolly old man of the family. Hahaha. And I used to think I was insane. But I'm so glad to know i'm not alone.

  • Logic

    16 Jan '12

    Gaz - you just blew my mind. I have always envisioned the months of the year as an oval racetrack, similar to a NASCAR one. Winter and Summer are the straightaways, while Spring and Fall are the curved sections on either end. Time moves along this track in a clockwise direction. January 1st is halfway through the Winter straight, and is like the START/FINISH line. My birthday, which is March 8th, is right around Turn 1, to the right of January 1st (if using a clock-face analogy, it would be somewhere around 1:30). My position as the observer varies with whatever the current date is, but can also often be on the "back straight" (which is summer), somewhere around the July/August boundary. So then my birthday would be to my right, on the opposite side of the oval. Right now it is January 15, so I can picture myself on the "front straight", headed toward Turn 1, if I concentrate. Holy cow, I seriously always thought I was the only one that had this circular association with the months/seasons. It is amazing to find out that someone else has a similar thing going on. Mind. Blown.

  • Barbara

    18 Jan '12

    No way, I couldve sworn this was normal until now. This reminds me of a picture I drew when I was around five of a party which all the numbers attended, each one doing something different :D Funny thing though, mine go from 0-9, wonder if that means anything

  • bainidhe

    24 Feb '12

    I think 5 is kind of mean, because he makes everything else end with 0 or 5 when they're multiplied together.

  • Misty

    19 Mar '12

    Hello.I also have synesthesia,but mine is personalities associated with weekdays.I didn't realise it was abnormal until now.I would be interested in finding out how you discovered this.

  • Belinda

    11 Apr '12

    WHOA! I didn't know that there was a name for that until now... ( 'o' ) I do something like that also, but I also do it with letters. No colors for me, though. But my number people are different, like 1 is a boy, 2 is a girl, and I'm not too sure about 7, but I think it's a monster (not because of 7-8-9). 10 is like a happy, friendly sports team captain type person, and a guy.

  • Jarred

    14 Apr '12


  • Pamela

    05 May '12

    What a great thread! I saw the numbers 1-9, probably until I was in high school, when no one I knew did that. 4 is a skinny woman, 3 a round man...and always on a black background.

  • Nekoko

    17 May '12

    I have that~ (THough I wouldn't say it's a disorder, like my sister does...) it's really fun~ 1. is a boy, about 5 years old, and he always has a lolipop and he thinks he knows everything (as little kids do), he has brown hair. 2. is 1's childhood friend, who is also 5, she carries a teddybear around and has cute, short blond pigtails, she's kind of shy, but opens up to you once she gets to know you, and she's really sweet. 3. is 1's older brother, who is usually kind of arrogant, and pushy, but he's really nice, once he knows you better, and is the overly protective of his loved ones type, he's blonde. 4. is 2's older sister,she likes 3, but she is too shy to say anything. She's more open then her sister, and quite an artist, she has long black hair that covers one eye. 5. is 3's best friend, and an awesome guy, who's popular and nice and sweet. He's in a relationship with 6. He has rustled brown hair. 6. Is a sweet girl who is awesome with kids, and babysits 1 and 2. She really is afraid of seven (I guess that's cause of 'cause 7 8 9', but it's actually cause he's a jerk..) she has longish brown hair and usually wears a bow. 7. is a jerk (as I mentioned earlier) and a prankster and no one really likes him... but he's in love with 6. Although he has a rotten way of showing it.. he has his hair in a baseball cap (thinkin he's all gangsta) but what you can see of his hair is dyed dark red 8. is 1 and 3's mom, she's really kind and pretty, and well-liked. she has brown hair in a ponytail. 9. is 1 and 3's dad, who is mean and embarrassing... sorta like my dad XD he has graying black hair. 10. is 2 and 4's mom. she is a single mom, and acts like your version of 4, although she tries to be cool... she has black hair dyed with pinks.

  • Lia

    29 May '12

    I do the same thing! Numbers to me are inherently self-centered and enjoy being in their square or their times ten form. Everyone likes one, 'cause he's a cool dude who gets along with everyone, including nine. Two is in love with one, and is quite girly. Flowers and pink are her deal. Three is a fat man with a beard. Generally well-liked, but likes to hang by himself most of the time. Four is best friends with six, and is a guy. Blue is his favorite color and he's got a goatee. Five is well-meaning and motherly, but all the numbers are irritated when multiplied by her, particularly four and six. She doesn't understand why six in particular hates her so much, and has a major crush on four. Six is a motorcycle dude who generally likes to be on his own, but will go out of his way to chill with four and three. He's also the only guy who can tolerate nine, and sometimes joins in on nine's actions. Seven is mischievous, but will repent for his mistakes if it becomes serious. He really likes yellow. Eight is a robust black woman who wears purple suits. She has a very irritating personality, but is generally well-liked. She likes six and tries to hang out with him, but he doesn't cooperate. She hates the fact that nine is always next to her. Nine is evil. He enjoys watching others as they struggle to get to their times ten, which is the ultimate goal. He hates being in square form, because he is forced to have a taste of his own medicine. He only listens to six, who is able to calm him down. Six becomes angry at nine only when they multiply, as six sees that as betrayal. Ten is God in the number world. And no, nine is not the devil. He's just a guy who makes lots of mistakes. All he wants is someone to understand him, but is just too inherently nasty to attach to anyone. Six sometimes gets him, but then nine messes it up by multiplying to 54. Yup!

  • Kiara

    11 Jun '12

    But 7 8 9! D:

  • Alixx

    26 Jul '12

    Hi Li! This is fascinating and adorable! I have synesthesia too, but it's mainly with colors and emotions. When I was younger, everything had a personality, so some things couldn't go with others because they didn't get along. Nobody understood. I would always struggle with math in school because no matter how many times they tell me 8 + 2 is 10, blue plus purple will never make white. It's sort of cool having any form of synesthesia as an artist, though, since it's not really debilitating at all, but can instead fuel some neat pieces, like this one you've drawn. How cool!

  • Amy

    28 Jul '12

    :o I do this too, I have since... I learned numbers. We had to make a poem one time about numbers, and I did their personalities. I'm not alooooone. :DDDD

  • Petre Pan

    01 Aug '12

    Haha! I totally had that when I was little when it came to addition and subtraction. I always saw the forces of addition and multiplication as good, trying to overcome the forces of subtraction and division.

  • Donnie

    26 Aug '12

    I'm not the only person who does this?

  • Arcyne

    08 Nov '12

    I feel that way about numbers too ._.

  • JohnB

    12 Nov '12

    I am both 3 and 6. :/

  • Kit

    16 Nov '12

    Oh my god...I've been doing this since I was in Kindergarten. I had no idea it was a type of Synesthesia!! Everyone just told me I was weird or crazy! Yay for not being alone and having a name for it :)

  • Johnnie Lucille

    06 Jan '13

    Wow! That explains a lot! I do the same thing, though mine are different, of course. I actually personify colors too. I wonder if that's the same or something slightly different.

  • jo

    27 Feb '13

    oooh that's really neat. LOVE it.

  • Alex

    28 Feb '13

    That's amazing, me and my girlfriend have been reading your comic today (a friend introduced us to it), commenting on how we are similar to you and Jordan. She just had a little freak out because she has the same kind of Synethesia as you, along with a couple of other types. Coincidence, it's a silly thing.

  • I commented

    28 Mar '13

    I read a book about this sort of thing. I do not have it but to me 8 would seem like the bossy type

  • Vivienne

    02 Apr '13

    I have this too and also spatial sequence and weekday-color. I also thought it was normal until a few months ago and have only ever told 2 of my friends, one of whom has it also. But my genders, personalities, and friendships between them are WAY different than this. Nice to know I am ( mostly) not crazy.

  • Ze

    17 Aug '13

    I do this too! I didn't know this was considered a type of synetheisia!

  • Meghan

    25 Oct '13

    I recall a movie/show mentioning how someone had tried to help someone with math because they were struggling with it. He found out that she had assigned each number a personality and that when she did sums, there was much social conflict and made it hard for her to put the numbers together. I can't for the life of me remember where I heard that from. At the time I thought it was merely a joke, but now I see that there really are people who think this way :)

  • Marcie

    19 Jan '14

    Wow Li :o were the same! i just realized right now that i also have Ordinal Linguistic Personification, i always imagine numbers and letters as people, i thought i was the only one who actually does that, im glad im not alone ^u^

  • François

    22 Apr '14

    What about zero?

  • Carley

    02 Oct '14

    I have synesthesia too! I actually have a blog from that perspective, which is currently located at thecolorofnormal.wordpress.com but that will soon be changing to thecolorofnormal.net. I associate emotions and experiences with color - making raves REALLY exciting. I thought this was completely normal, too, until I was talking to someone about it and they were like, "Woah you have synesthesia that's awesome!" And then I went to figure out what it is. I think it's quite a gift, and I'm glad to see I'm not alone! :D

  • Chloe

    26 Apr '15

    Amazing!!! I have this too. But my numbers are much different. Odd numbers are boys and even numbers are girls. Except for 8 and 9. 8 is a boy and 9 is a girl. 1 is an introvert and reads instead of playing like other little boys. 2 and 3 are brother and sister and best friends. They play ball and are the same age as 1. 3 has a crush on 4. 4 is in love with 8 and 8 secretly loves 4 but is stuck in a relationship with his controlling girl friend, 16. 4 and 5 are brother and sister. 5 is jock fell in love with his best friend's sister. He fell in love with 6 and her brother is 7. 5 is constantly trying to prove to 7 that his love for 6 is real. 9 is in charge. She knows everything and she is smart. 7 wants to date her and is practically her slave.

  • Nupa

    08 May '15

    I'm a mathematician, and I always suspected my numbers of having personalities, but I never got to know them like this. I do think of even numbers as "more feminine" and prime numbers as a sort of elite class with a lot of muscle, I guess. The "small numbers" from 0 to about 20 are my friends, if I start seeing anyone else in a formula I know it's gonna be a bad day.

  • Maya

    04 Mar '16

    Hi! I'm a twelve-year-old girl and I have synesthesia as well! I actually have several different types: letters and numbers/colors (A is fire-engine red, for instance), music/colors (that's the strongest one - the key of E major is moss green, for instance), and numbers/personalities. My numbers' personalities and colors are as follows, in case you were interested: 1 is royal blue. He's very haughty and thinks he knows everything. He gets on the other numbers' nerves quite a lot. 2 is red, and she's kind of insecure and anxious about herself. She's the kind of person who can barely order a coffee without getting self-conscious. 3 is green, and he's friendly to everyone. 4 is brownish, and he's bossy - the kind of person who would make poor 2 cower in fear. 5 is pale yellow, and he's one of those people (or numbers) who is naturally curious about the world around them. He is always questioning and trying to find out the answers, and he's also friendly (though not as amiable as 3). And for some reason, my personalities taper off after 5 -- my number/personality synesthesia is my weakest. But I still have colors -- 6 is orangish, a little bit lighter than 4; 7 is a vibrant lavender, if that makes sense; 8 is sky blue; 9 is dark purple; and 10 is a little bit of a lighter red than 1 (because 0 is white, so it makes it lighter). I'm so glad to meet another synesthete! Thanks so much for posting!

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