• Cassandra

    10 Sep '10

    I totally thought I was the only one! =O Except mine were all like heroes and villians, the even numbers being the good guys and the odd numbers being the bad guys. I actually had a story about 2 the young hero and his quest to get to twenty. Three was his evil competition. and as far as letters go I always thought that e had a crush on the very attractive f lol xD

  • samieworlock

    12 Sep '10

    brilliant :D

  • Ashley

    19 Sep '10

    Yessss!! I totally do this sort of thing with letters and colors, too. ...and silverware, and months of the year, and days of the week....

  • Amanda

    26 Oct '10

    I do this all the time!!!! Except nine is a muscular, thin, middle aged woman who doesn't take any crap from anyone and ten is a wealthy business man.

  • Stephanny

    14 Nov '10

    This is called Synesthesia. :3 I don't get personalities but I have a different kind of Synesthesia.

  • Aplisco

    24 Nov '10

    I thought I was aloooone! My numbers' personalities are different, of course, but they're close! :D

  • Holly M.

    02 Dec '10

    That's funny! I did the same thing! A bit different, but still. My 9 was a vixen. Like Marilyn Monroe almost. Definitely thought I was the only one as well. :)

  • Wes

    18 Dec '10

    B-b-but one is the loneliest number! :P

  • Zoe

    20 Dec '10

    This is so crazy - I've seen people who do this before, and I do it too, but I don't get personalities, just genders. But your genders are COMPLETELY opposite from mine, except for 3! Wild.

  • Candice

    23 Dec '10

    In general, my numbers are colored... Except 5, which is easily confused with Monday.

  • Brendan

    04 Jan '11

    Hmmm I,ve heard of this. I get colours for days of the week. Thursday is orange.

  • Tetchy

    16 Jan '11

    That isn't normal? I thought it was. My number personalities are different though, and 10 is included. 6 is my least favorite because she is mean to her childhood friend, 7. He is a quiet normal guy, like 4. But 4 is a young girl and she seems weird because she talks even less. I won't bother explaining the others because it probably isn't interesting.

  • zane

    03 Feb '11

    this is by far the best mental disorder ever

  • Vanessa Salas

    22 Feb '11

    I didn't know there was a name for this type of thing. I have it and it's awesome.

  • Harrison

    25 Feb '11

    One of my friends and I have lengthy discussions about this. It's not just numbers for us. It's everything. Days of the week, months, words, letters, virtually every object, even conceptual things like reading. Reading is an aging hippie with blonde homeless-style curly hair. He is obviously old but androgynous in appearance (pale, wrinkly), is unclean and dresses in moss green tweed. All of his possessions are red, but his walls are a pale blue. He lives in a forest near a waterfall in a cottage.

  • Gaz

    27 Feb '11

    I love hearing about people's different synesthetic associations. I myself have a form of cognitive synesthesia that I believe is called space-time synesthesia (that or time-space synesthesia, either way it sounds sci-fi and awesome). I've only heard of two other people with it, one from an article I read and one was my neuroscience professor. For me, it's like I'm standing inside of this ring which represents the year. It's color-coded and all the months are at a fixed point, with Jan. 1 right in front of me. So, for example, when I'm remembering the day I graduated from college (May 31st), I'm focusing on a spot over my right shoulder that is a light yellowish-green color. When I'm planning ahead and thinking about what to be for Halloween next year, it's to my left and slightly in front of me, and colored (you guessed it) orange. I've known people with mirror touch synesthesia, sound-color synesthesia, and a couple people like you with number personification. (my friend saw this and said you got the genders right but her personalities are different)

  • Whill

    28 Feb '11

    Hehe, I've done the same thing with numbers. One is a lil baby, and everyone is looking at lil baby 1 up until 5 and 6, because 6 is jealous and 5 is married to 6 :|

  • Daisy Arcos

    01 Mar '11

    Did anyone else realize there is a pattern? It goes girl, boy, boy, girl, boy, boy, girl, boy, boy, girl. Just thought I'd point that out.

  • Sarah B

    06 Mar '11

    I just thought you might like to know that Vladimir Nabokov had a similar trait! He wrote about it in his autobiography _Speak, Memory_, which is wonderful :) Also, your comics are great.

  • Jessica

    22 Mar '11

    Oh my gosh, I have that too! They also have different colors. I had no idea it had a name o.o That makes me feel special :3 My favorite is 4, he's really nice, but 5 is his sister and she's kind of mean to him. 7 & 8 are married and 15 is their honeymoon :D

  • Ella

    05 Apr '11

    I have this to a certain degree. I think I get ideas of personalities for almost everything, but the ones that are the most clear to me are numbers 1-10 and the days of the week: personalities for the numbers and colors for the days. 1- a collage math professor, male, only has a professional relationship with the other numbers 2- a baby boy, not much personality other than that 3- a little girl, likes playing with dolls and dressing in pink 4- a little boy and a nerd 5- a little boy and a bully, slightly older and bigger than 4, but secretly smarter than him too 6- a teenage girl, dresses in red and black, has piercings, very quiet 7- a guy in his 20s, rather solitary, skeptical, doesn't really like 6 8- a woman in her late 20s, very average, 4 is her little brother, she sometimes protects him when 5 gets mean 9- a guy, popular at parties 10- a kind father Monday- red Tuesday- pale yellow Wednesday- sky blue Thursday- aqua Friday- green Saturday- blue/gray Sunday- yellow, like basking in the sun

  • Lisa

    10 Apr '11

    Wow! I thought that was normal! Although, whenever I would always try to explain the different genders and attitudes of numbers and letters to people I know, I'd get the strangest looks and people never admitted to thinking the same thing. Thanks for making this comic. Now I know what's up. :)

  • Moojoo

    18 Apr '11

    This isn't normal? Numbers pretty much all have some kind of gender to me, but not so much personality (although I've always thought 5 would be kind of an a-hole). Actually, pretty much everything has at least some vague gender to me, and sometimes some sort of personality. It never occurred to me that it wasn't normal...

  • Kassi

    27 Apr '11

    I stumbled across one of your comics and they're so cute and I'm currently working my way through reading all of them. I was just telling my fiance how Jordan reminds me of him (he even has that soul patch/goatee thing) and that you remind me of me when I read this one. I also have this type of Synesthesia I just found out that it was outta of the norm and considered a mental disorder just last week. I personify numbers but mine are much different than yours :) I love your comics; i'm going to continue reading til i get caught up lol.

  • Gill

    28 Apr '11

    Me too!!! Mine go from 0 to 12, and then after that the numbers are just neighbours together. Sometimes that's good, sometimes not. I won't go into them all, but gender-wise, the males are: 0, 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 11 and the females are 2, 4, 6, 9, and 12! my favourite number is 24 because 2 and 4 are beautiful, almost goddess-like and together they make a pair that is like the most delicious, delicate dessert you've ever tasted. Li, I think you are me except Chinese!!

  • liz

    02 May '11

    My Synesthesia is that numbers appear as colors/patterns. For 1-9 they're pretty much just basic colors and flat, but once you get to the 100s they get to be pretty complicated 3D structures, but multiples of 4 are special, and 246 (=4^4) kinda looks like the quaternary structure of hemoglobin =^w^=

  • Allie

    02 May '11

    I think I have a small bit of this. Like, I can taste smells, and smell tastes, but I can also see colors with music. Each note has a kind of different color to it, and each song has its own color, too. It's odd. But it does make life interesting :)

  • Haloe

    08 May '11

    I never realized this wasn't normal, either. ;~; It's even weirder that we both have almost the same views on them. xD

  • grimm

    01 Jun '11

    Yeah me and my sister have synesthesia she has color/sound synesthesia and I have O.L.P. For the longest time I couldn’t tell the difference between mental disorder and imagination just because of the amount of characters my mind produces. I didn’t even think to question it until I saw a reference to my sister's synesthesia in another comic and found mine. It’s really amazing because my family has always been good with math and each math problem tells a story, though not always a happy one. My numbers are as follows: 1 a child, hyper, and best friends with 2. 1 is male and is always running around. 2 is also a child the same age as 1 and acts the same but is female. I cant tell their exact age but its close to five years old. 3 is brothers with 7 and 6. He is around twenty years old, dark and gloomy, and is always too busy for anything. 4 is a book freak and can always be found reading. Sometimes she doesn’t realize where she is and sometimes cant notice stuff like rain because she's too busy reading. She is approximately eighteen or nineteen. 5 is 4’s younger sister. Almost as young as 1 and 2 she idolizes her sister and strives to be like her, while reprimanding 1 and 2 for not doing the same. 6 is a trickster. He is around seven or eight years old and brothers to 3 and 7. He is always playing pranks and can only be kept in line by his brother 7. 7 appears to bee dark and gloomy. He is approximately eighteen or nineteen, mute, but intimidating. He only has one facial expression which is often enough to discourage the antics of all but 0. Though he seems dark he is really just antisocial and too shy to talk. He secretly has a crush on 4 but doesn’t act on it. 8 is approximately thirty and is 3's boss. He is cruel and greedy and often those under him suffer for it. 9 is lets say a priest of sorts. He is the only one that can understand, to some extent, the higher power. He is approximately twenty and always tries to warn the others of when 0 starts acting up. 0 is very much an unknown. He seems to have a sort of power. He never speaks and no one can tell his age. He seems to act without warning or pattern, and uses his abilities to both create and destroy. 9 seems to be able to see some pattern in his actions and can sometimes warn the others before things go bad.

  • Keith

    05 Jun '11

    whoa, I didn't know that thinking that way had a name. numbers have genders to me but not really personalities. 0, 1, 3, 4, 7 and 8 are boys and 2, 5, 6 and 9 are girls.

  • Ian

    09 Jun '11

    I seem to have synaesthesia in the form of musical notes taking on the characteristics of a colour... I never noticed it when I played saxophone, but when I took up guitar, say, E2 feels orange-like, and G-3 is a browny colour. I don't really know why, but it makes playing and listening more interesting. Anyway, I'd just like to say, a friend linked me to this just today, and I've spent hours looking at it, it's adorable. Thanks for your effort :3

  • Meilos

    28 Jun '11

    I know this is a really late comment~ But I have synesthesia too! Just not that kind. I have motion-sound synesthesia, so every time I see something move, I "hear" or interpret it as a sound. It's very faint. Even my eyes moving, every time they do, it's like a little "click" that's barely registered. Whenever I watch a bug, or move my pen, or watch my ceiling fan move, it's a faint whooshing or zooming sound. Things like that. It especially happens when I get touched with something. If I tap my fingers to my thumb, or drum them on my leg or whatever, it's very loud in my head. I also have grapheme-color synesthesia. Months, and very faintly, days, inherently have colors. January is white, February is pink, March is green, etcetc. I get faint ideas about the personalities of numbers, but nothing as concrete as this. 7's a nerd, though. ^^;;

  • OchiBanana

    16 Jul '11

    Omigosh, I've done that ever since I was little. Odd numbers tend to be male for me, while the evens were female. Each of them had their own personalities. I had trouble counting when I was little, and then with multiplication after that. I wonder if this has anything to do with it?

  • ShiningInShadows

    29 Jul '11

    Another late post... I just discovered Extra Ordinary and loving it (esp since it's basically the life of one of my closest friends minus the boyfriend), but I had to acknowledge this. I've heard of synesthesia but only related to colors, and while I've never heard of other types it gave me a reason to look into this and other forms, and I never realized there's a form of synesthesia called number form which I think relates to the way I interpret numbers in geometric relationships. CRAZY! Thanks for this, educational and entertaining, should be put into schools world wide!

  • Elizabeth GIbson

    07 Aug '11

    I had no idea what it was called but I have the same thing 1. Is an intelligent mother of 2,3 and 4. Once had a fluke with 5 and had 4. 2. Is a caring and couragous brother that fights for attention frrom 3 and protects 4 with all his power. 3. Is evil and is always trying to marry off 4 to aristocratic 7, the middle child and always fighting for the attention of mom. 4. Is a nice and caring young women, and she is the older much more mature sister of 3 and 2 is madly in love with 6 and fighting with her father(5) about who she is to marry beacuse he wants her to marry 7 5. Is a money grabbing

  • monica

    08 Aug '11

    i dont know that mine is called, but touch and sounds have colors and shapes.

  • Benjamin

    10 Aug '11

    you should do more like this! :D tell us what all the numbers mean to you! :D

  • Aquacoon

    18 Aug '11

    I've always thought of 9 as a domineering person, who forces things on other people because it's what's best for them, even if it's hard. Probably because multiples of 9 makes the number smaller and then pairs it off with another number. like 4x9=36 is like making 4 into 3, and then pairing it off with 6. Also with addition. 9+4=13, but it's kind of like you take 1 away from 4 and then add it to 9. It seems kind of mean because 9 just stole a piece of four to make itself ten. >:C such a meanie.

  • aquacoon

    18 Aug '11

    Also nine works on a pretty regular quirk, so it's kind of like 9 always gets his way no matter what.

  • Penguin

    19 Aug '11

    Woah, had to Google a bit to check if you are just kidding.

  • Jelly-being

    08 Sep '11

    Ohmygosh! I think the same about numbers and letters! They have different personalities, but it's the same idea. =O I am not alone in the world!

  • Kelly

    20 Sep '11

    I do this also, but 9. 9 worries me. 9 is a serial killer; he's already taken out 6, b, d, p, and q and just disguises himself to take their place, even though 6 is feminine. It's easier because the letters are all the masculine. 2 is a hook 9 uses to murder people. 3 is 9's little minion, and a cowardly bully. 5 won't ever succumb to 9 because he has a sword and a shield and is just generally a very militant number. And 1 is safe because it's like Buddha. Super zen and always the same. 8 is really God in disguise, because when it turns sideways it's infinity. 0 is just a shell, not really anything at all. If it was a person, it'd be a mannequin. I also have the impression that 7 is secretly just a really weird looking fish trying to pass for a number and hoping no one else notices.

  • Alex Holmstock

    23 Sep '11

    I'm like this...COOL!

  • Mollyboy

    24 Sep '11

    I don't have this awesomeness as a synesthesia but to me, 7 has always been a sneaky bastard.

  • Cris

    26 Sep '11

    Wow, I've always wanted to know how any synesthesia feels like... it surely is awesome to see the world with diferent eyes than normal :D

  • Mari

    10 Oct '11

    I, like Arthur only have 1-9, and they aren't very specified, but as a rule, the even ones are girls.

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    Awww. :( I feel so sorry for 3. He looks so lonely.

  • James Stan

    22 Nov '11

    umm... its really wierd... because i have always viewed the first 10 numbers in the same gender since... grade school... so, like, 15 years

  • Aki

    01 Dec '11

    I'm like that too since i was a little kid i felt like numbers have personalities... it's a nice idea to draw them...here are mine: 1 is a little boy he's clumsy and shy he's friends with 2 2 is a little girl a bit older than 1 she nice and cares about people 3 is a boy friends with 2 and knows 1 from 2 he's serious and doesn't act a child he doesn't like playign with 1 and 2 cuz they are yuonger than him 4 is a teenage girl she's cheerful she's 8 girlfriend 5 is 4 friend he'a a teenage boy he can be mean to people 6 she's in her last teens had crash on 8 7 is 6 friend same age as her she's nice and smart she often comfort 8 8 is a young guy he's samrt and gentle he likes 4 and is friends with 7 and 6 9 is a young woman married to 10 she likes kids and cares often about 1 and 2 10 is 9 husben he works a lot but cares about his wife

  • AntiLuke

    10 Dec '11

    I do this with musical notes, so when I read sheet music I actually see a story based on how the notes are arranged.

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