• Li

    19 Jan '10

    Hey guys, today's post isn't really a 'comic'. I have a type of Synesthesia called Ordinal Linguistic Personification which means that numbers and (to a certain extent) letters have genders and personalities to me. I didn't realise that this was not the norm until a few years ago so I thought that I would have some fun and draw the numbers up the way I see them and share them with you :) Below each person is a description of their personalities. I will have a normal comic later this week, I promise!

  • Larn

    19 Jan '10

    3 is a loser.

  • Jerome

    19 Jan '10

    So in this case 3 is the loneliest number?

  • Indie

    19 Jan '10

    Wow, cool! I wish my brain worked like that..

  • miriam

    19 Jan '10

    wow Li Li, i did not know this... how intriguing!!! you amaze me every day :)

  • Nadim

    19 Jan '10

    I love the drawings! I have colour synaesthesia for weekdays. Not as fun as personalities, though! It is interesting how they seem to grow older with the numbers, except for 10 :)

  • swb

    20 Jan '10

    I am 3. I think 7 is hot. But if we got together, we'd turn into a motherly type of woman. I am okay with that.

  • WC

    20 Jan '10

    Wow Li! That's the first I've heard of this. I obviously don't have it, but I'm a very logical sort of person, so that doesn't really surprise me. I agree with swb that 7 is hot... And oddly, I was also a 3. Heh. Which number is the shy, logical guy with glasses that is nice when you talk to him, but never starts a conversation? ;)

  • Yenny

    20 Jan '10

    Cool! Although I disagree with 3, since it is my favorite number. I consider it young, but wise.

  • Sharky

    20 Jan '10

    Li, have you ever read the book "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"? The protagonist, Francie Nolan, does this with her numbers, too.

  • plasticuser

    20 Jan '10

    I demand a recount!

  • Nidhi

    20 Jan '10

    AWESOME!!! nice shading and drawing! ^^ and i know the last one is like u Li!! (or it IS u) because u have that smile on!! and the hair-do is like urs too!

  • Roshan

    20 Jan '10

    The quiet smart dude is perfect.

  • San

    20 Jan '10

    oh, sometimes i think this way too.. i didn't think it was abnormal though XD; i think differently from a lot of people though. cute drawings~

  • Fraser

    20 Jan '10

    Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7,8,9 Lame old joke, or brutal canabalism. You decide.

  • Nadia

    20 Jan '10

    Woah woah I think I have that too. Wtf.

  • Mattias

    20 Jan '10

    As always, zero gets left out. :(

  • thinkgibson

    20 Jan '10

    Wow! I also have this, although my number-personalities are different from yours. Thanks for diagnosing me, Doc!

  • Nojh

    21 Jan '10

    That is kinda neat. I hope it isn't a disorder for you in any way. I've never heard of this version of synesthesia. Does it very or are the number's personalties always the same? Does it effect how you do math? Sorry if these questions are very personal. Once again excellent art!

  • Angelica

    21 Jan '10

    how weird!! I do not create personalities but I do relate colors with numbers and days of the week. I also view weeks and months in spacial sequences. I knew none of my friends did it but I did not think much of it until I read this weeks comic. I did a little research on what you said and now I am officially a synesthete. Thanks!

  • Li

    21 Jan '10

    Sharky: no I haven't, I'll look into it thanks! Nojh: The personalities are defined, they never change. It doesn't really affect my maths, it's just something that I'm aware of in the back of my mind. It's not too personal :)

  • Ted

    21 Jan '10

    I immediately looked to see how you hid the numbers in the drawings. I think they're mostly clear, whether intended or not ; )

  • Thelnie

    22 Jan '10

    You've got to be kidding me. I thought I was the only one who did this and nobody I asked knew what I was talking about. I learned how to add and subtract by creating stories using these personalities I had felt. Thanks! Now I know there are others and there is a name for it!

  • Taryn

    23 Jan '10

    Awesome! I've done a lot of reading on synesthesia but I still didn't get the comic until I read your description. I have color-number/letter synesthesia. Here they are: http://imgur.com/NNG39.jpg I don't ever really notice the colors most of the time, kind of like how you don't notice the fact that you're always feeling things or breathing air and stuff. It's just something that's always there.

  • Tim

    25 Jan '10

    I thought i was the only one like that! Though mine are all female. However they vary a lot on personality. Also i only have 6 i can think of. Im glad to see im not THAT weird for doing this cuz there are others XD

  • Samantha

    02 Feb '10

    I don't have this with every number, but often associate people with two-digit numbers. My husband is 89, and my ex-boyfriend was 76. And it is something related to personality, not age!!

  • Rachel

    20 Mar '10

    I thought I was the only one who did this. I've tried to explain it to other people and they look at me like I'm crazed. I have a very different set of personalities for numbers though.

  • Margotte

    02 Apr '10

    I didn't even know it was unusal !

  • tessa

    30 Apr '10

    wait that isn't normal? i always thought everyone knew that they all had different genders. really though. and colours have genders too, and so do letters. this is called something?

  • lucas

    01 May '10

    You're probably not studying math, but how would you describe more abstract numbers? you know pi, e or imaginary numbers like the square-root of 1?

  • chris

    24 May '10

    woah! this is fukn weird! i hav this 2! i never really paid any attention to it tho an its jus like the numbers 1 ta 10 wit me! creepy... so is this like unhealty or sumtin?

  • jonny

    24 May '10

    I have studied Synesthesia independently for a while, but I have never come across this type. Very interesting!

  • Dr. Sakuya, PhD

    18 Jun '10

    6 here.

  • Courtney

    04 Aug '10

    This is so interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  • Super Author

    09 Aug '10

    I did not realize that this was not the norm. I do the same thing with numbers and letters! I always just attributed it to my colorful imagination...

  • ina

    09 Aug '10

    although i can't say anything about personalities, i can say i actually attribute the opposite genders to those numbers! except 3. i don't even know about 3

  • wick

    09 Aug '10

    thank god...i thought i was the only one who imagined this....everybody thinks im a nut case

  • Haxxo

    11 Aug '10

    OH MY GOSH I HAVE THAT TOO! I have COMPLETELY different genders and personalities for all my numbers, though, but they tend to pair up almost the same way. Also, with letters. Also, EVERYTHING has a color. Even first names.

  • Dani

    13 Aug '10

    I HAVE THAT TOO! I didn't know it had a name!!

  • Nancy

    13 Aug '10

    OMG! I thought I was the only one who thought that and I didn't know it was in some kind of fancy word lol but yeah I have that too but it's different.

  • Ouroborus

    14 Aug '10

    Wait, what? You do normal comics? ;P

  • jeffS

    15 Aug '10

    haha i am SO 6 except im pretty good looking and i model lol.

  • J

    16 Aug '10

    Ohhhh! I have that! I forgot what kind mine's called but I associate letters and numbers with colors. I thought everybody did that too...until my sister looked at me like I was some crazy foo'. xD This is cute. Btw. :D

  • Jackie M

    18 Aug '10

    I totally do this, too! Also with certain words so I remember how to spell 'em

  • Josh

    23 Aug '10

    I guess it is more common then one would think. This is the second webcomic to mention the same thing (the other being Fudge That Sugar). I had never heard about it before.Interesting.

  • Meg

    28 Aug '10

    I have it too, I see music :D Techno is awesome.

  • Silverscale

    30 Aug '10

    I have that too! It's funny to see how people's ideas about the numbers differ, 'cause yours are nothing like mine.

  • Kristina

    02 Sep '10

    I know this is an old comic, but I was reading it and by the time I got to 4 I was like "OH!! She has Ordinal Linguistic Personification (thank you wikipedia) Synesthesia like me! Those are her number characters!" hehehehe. ^_^ Mine are way different though. 1 is the dad, 2 is his favorite daughter, 3 is the mean but kind of quiet older brother...etc. etc. etc. =D

  • Emily

    03 Sep '10

    I'm majoring in cognitive neuroscience, and I'm fascinated by synesthesia. I didn't know this type even existed! Thank you for sharing! This seriously might be the coolest way in which I have ever learned something new about the brain.

  • Arthur Ghent

    10 Sep '10

    Fascinating! I thought I was the only one! Mine are a little different, but not by much for the first three! 1. Is male. He is popular, well-liked, but can occasionally be bossy and a bit of a jerk. He is some sort of young teenager. Bright red. 2. Is female. She is also popular and well liked, but is kinder and softer spoken. She and 1 are best friends, and although they both want something more, neither are willing to talk about it. She is also a young teenager. Deep blue. 3. Is the annoying hanger-on of 1 and 2. He's not very attractive, either gangly or a little overweight, and can also be kind of a jerk. 1 is always mean to him, but in that "ha ha we're friends" way. 2. Is very kind and patient with him, although he can occasionally get on her nerves. Bile yellow. 4. Is a young woman who is really trying her best, but it's never quite good enough. She has all the best intent, and is a very good person, but is a procrastinator and a little unreliable and scatterbrained. Periwinkle blue. 5. Is a kid that nobody really knows much about. He keeps to himself and mostly reads. He may or may not be 6's little brother. Rust red and cream. 6. Is a teenaged boy who hates everything. Long, stringy black hair in his eyes, always writing poetry and listening to angry music. Deep purple and black. Son of 7 and 8. 7. Is a nervous housewife. Snappish, OCD, and hard to get along with, she runs a tight ship and is frequently cruel to her son, 6. Bright yellow. 8. Is a once-handsome man gone to pot, greying and pudgy. He wants to be young and single again. He is having an affair with 9, which 7 knows about but will never talk about. Navy blue and grey pinstripes. 9. Is a young, attractive, conniving woman who wears revealing clothing and lots of jewelry. She loves spending 8's money. Magenta. I don't have a ten!

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