• Li

    13 Jan '10

    Nice hat, no?

  • Kap

    13 Jan '10

    LOL! Maybe you can stick the fake eyebrows on Shoelace! He's already used to them! ;)

  • Z

    13 Jan '10

    The audience *does* love the fake eyebrows ^^.

  • Yenny

    13 Jan '10

    Hey, now you have two cats? what's her name?

  • CelsoSC

    13 Jan '10

    Now it comes to the question: who's wearing the hat? the old one or the new one? :P

  • acce245

    13 Jan '10

    Whatever happened to the pirate eye patch? I think the new one is a ninja though, able to blend into its surroundings, and strike without notice. ......A CHALLENGER APPROACHES!!!!!! Sorry, couldn't help myself.

  • plasticuser

    13 Jan '10

    Hmmmm. I sense trouble is afoot... :)

  • Nojh

    13 Jan '10

    OMS. Two Shoelaces! I've died and gone to heaven! Jordan's solution is impractical. Shoelace 2 could never wear that hat to a garden party and live it down. At least not without a matching set of pearls.

  • Miriam

    13 Jan '10

    ahaha!! this is excellent li li. looove it. two thumbs up for you.

  • Tamfang

    24 Sep '10

    I once lived with two cats that I could tell apart only by a smudge of grease at first -- and later by which one was pregnant. I suggested painting their tails different colors, but it wasn't up to me.

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    BUT THAT IS A LADY'S HAT. Unless...:o Shoelace, is your clone a lady?

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