• Li

    05 Jan '10

    And then there were two! :O Thanks everyone for the holiday wishes. I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and New Years. We're back for 2010, yay!

  • Brohan

    06 Jan '10

    :D Happy New Year to you too! Did you see that amazing blue moon?

  • Lord Kap

    06 Jan '10

    Well, better two Shoelace unable to play Badminton than one? Maybe... ;) Happy new year!

  • cos

    06 Jan '10

    Happy New Year to you two! Or three? Nevermind...

  • Tobi

    06 Jan '10

    Woo! You're back! Great to see new comics, keep them coming! :)

  • Ed

    06 Jan '10

    I want a magic wand like that

  • Andrew Stella

    06 Jan '10

    Deus ex machina at its finest!

  • plasticuser

    06 Jan '10

    The real question is, if there were two copies of shoelace, would they love or hate each other?

  • Nojh

    06 Jan '10

    Didn't really help!? Now there are two shoelaces! EVEN BETTER! I love Li's pose in the 3rd panel but that panel also desperately cries for a sound effect.

  • acce245

    06 Jan '10

    Hmm... now you have a pair of shoelaces?

  • John B.

    04 Feb '10

    *two* Shoelaces?!! I'll take one! :-D

  • lt_amazil

    14 Apr '10

    shoelace+ftw powers=AWESOMNESS

  • Jordan

    23 May '10

    Badminton is totally awesome!

  • Lisa

    07 Aug '10

    How did he fail? He caught the birdie, is what cats do.

  • Benjamin

    10 Aug '11

    i should be reading one piece....cuz ive been reading that lately, and its awesome...but im so addicted to this comic and just cant stop reading it...

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    He would be better at it if he had his thumbs out, but those are seeeecret. ...Potato.

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