• Li

    22 Dec '09

    Merry Christmas everyone! I will be taking a short break and I'll be back on the 5th of January. Have a safe and happy holiday season! :) Love, Li, Jordan and Shoelace.

  • Maggie

    22 Dec '09

    Tehe. Shoelace is cute! Dressed in a present box ^^

  • plasticuser

    22 Dec '09

    Merry Christmas back atcha. Hope you all have an amazing 2010!

  • Ward

    23 Dec '09

    It's soo strange to see people celebrate christmas on a beach. I expected snow, and lots of it :p Merry Christmas!

  • Anna

    23 Dec '09

    Merry Christmas to you too :) And thanks for all the lovely, gorgeous comics!

  • acce245

    23 Dec '09

    Just don't get sand in the laptop!

  • Sreeram

    23 Dec '09

    @Ward: New Zealand ftw. Merry Christmas Jordan and Li!

  • Sharky

    23 Dec '09

    Merry Christmas! It must be so nice to have Christmas where it's summer. I can't even imagine such pleasure!!

  • David

    23 Dec '09

    Aww nice comic! Shoelace is awesome once again. Merry Christmas guys ;D Im freezing from all the snow here. Lucky you?

  • swb

    23 Dec '09

    What a cheap present, Shoelace.

  • Katie

    23 Dec '09

    merry christmas!

  • Lord Kap

    23 Dec '09

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all of you! ;)

  • Lily

    23 Dec '09

    Completely jealous that you can have Christmas on a beach. Here it is snowy and cold and the nearest beach is a lake. Yes, a Great Lake, but a lake nonetheless.

  • Tim

    23 Dec '09

    space sharks have xmas too! ;_;

  • wyndl

    23 Dec '09

    Happy Holidays exocomics!

  • Babs

    23 Dec '09

    Merry Christmas!!! :)

  • kleer001

    23 Dec '09

    Lucky 88 for a wondrously warming world (end of Yule, not global warming, that's the bad warming), up here in the Northern Hemisphere. I'd like christmas on the beach, darnit.

  • SpaceShark

    23 Dec '09

    Thankyou Li, I shall have a great Christmas, I hope to go fishing int his lovely weather too!

  • Yenny

    24 Dec '09

    Happy Holidays!!! Thank you for your comic :D

  • chalom

    24 Dec '09

    Hey, Merry X-mas to you too! And happy Chanukah, happy Kwanzaa, and happy Emperor's Birthday!

  • Felix

    25 Dec '09

    Merry Christmas to you all of you from Germany as well! And thanks to Li for all the wonderful comics I could enjoy this year!

  • Nidhi

    26 Dec '09

    Merry Christmas to u too sweety! ^^ and i didnt know it was winter :/ :\

  • candela

    26 Dec '09

    Merry Christmas!! i've always wanted to have christmas with lots of snow! it seems to be way more fun, besides let me tell you that summer its not the best time to eat chistmas food! 30 degrees and nuts dont go together

  • Ed

    29 Dec '09

    Loving this site, i'm glad it's working again.

  • lt_amazil

    14 Apr '10

    shoelace is the best present ever


    24 May '10


  • Random Person

    10 Aug '10

    Hey! You can't go to the beach on Xmas! That's cheating!

  • aline

    06 Sep '10

    I came up today with this comic... I live in Mexico, so its kinda unusual to see people celebrating Christmas on warm and sunny weather. I´m a little jealous!

  • Becca

    18 Nov '10

    LI!!!!!! YOUR CHRISTMAS............. IT'S BACKWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: *runs around, arms flailing*

  • Ben

    14 Jul '11

    I still find it weird that December is in summer for New Zealand...

  • Katifer

    04 Nov '11

    Ah, so Kiwi... I can't help but try to guess which beach you're on. It looks a bit like Tawharanui.

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    But...but you need a tree with ornaments for Christmas! And snow! I...but...BUH! ;o; This is why I will never be in the Southern Hemisphere for Christmas. It would feel soooo wrong to me.

  • M

    29 Jun '12

    On the beach with a laptop, now thats an ideal christmas. Trobby, bear a thought for us in the Southern Hemisphere, how weird it feels to see snow, big fur coats, and rich food advertised everywhere, when its the middle of summer.

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