• Li

    17 Dec '09

    Whenever I try to say colony aloud, I always say conoly instead :(

  • Brohan

    18 Dec '09

    Must. Tilt. Photo. Frame. Upright. Cthulu? Big ticks there!

  • Tobi

    18 Dec '09

    I want a cheese cthulhu!

  • Nick

    18 Dec '09

    Cthulhu makes for the best christmas present.

  • Lily

    18 Dec '09

    I think "a really good pencil" is a fabulous idea. I can't count how many times I've run around the house looking for some sort of writing utensil. Perhaps it should be on a string, that way it is always available, like those pens at the bank.

  • Chelsea

    18 Dec '09

    I asked my best friend for Cthulhu and he just ran screaming in the opposite direction so he's just getting me a tophat instead x3

  • swb

    18 Dec '09

    You can't go wrong with cheese.

  • Lord Kap

    18 Dec '09

    Well, a really good pencil would do the trick! ;)

  • San

    18 Dec '09

    oh. that seems like how i do it.. >>;;

  • iChar

    19 Dec '09

    I want a really good cheese pencil. Just sayin'. Oh, and I only just noticed (after reading through all the comics, again) that Jordan has a nose, but you don't. Where do your glasses sit? D:

  • Nidhi

    20 Dec '09

    so... new changes in the site is boosting the energy in me!! :D !! .....how are you gonna get a cthulhu in this time of year? they may be in deep hybernation you know!! its a tough job!

  • Tim

    20 Dec '09

    do cthulhu make good pets? I heard they can be temperamental.

  • Nidhi

    21 Dec '09

    they are... oh they are.. i had one last year... it slapped me and ran away! :(

  • Mari

    08 Jan '10

    this is like... my favorite thing ever Li, i love your comics :P

  • AndyS

    21 Jan '10

    (stabs a cheese cthulu with a really good pencil) "What? I'm only Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn." Please do not judge me...

  • lt_amazil

    14 Apr '10


  • Leah

    11 May '10

    Cthulhu. Epic win. Cthulhu fhtagn. I would take Cthulhu. ^_^

  • Fire Ant Wanter

    26 Aug '10

    so Li, did you already buy / find the Fire ant colony, and if so what are your plans for it?

  • Shub Niggurath

    11 Sep '10

    I have the complete collection of H.P. Lovecrafts short fiction. considering how popular C'thulhu is on the internet, the internet seems pretty ignorant of any details pertaining to him.

  • Giantrobotbil

    26 Sep '10

    Jenefer Colony

  • EnriqueG

    13 Nov '10

    I know, I know, old comic but xD Great!!!!! Cthulhu! xD

  • Dom

    17 Jan '11

    A really good pencil! Like, you draw a cow, the cow comes to life – those kind of pencils! <3 Black Books!!

  • Althar

    22 Feb '11

    just take him some Neufchâtel, it's a heart chaped cheese :D (and it taste very good).

  • Levi

    06 Jul '11

    Li makes me want to hug people :D

  • Randell

    16 Jul '11

    This post requires a downloadable audio file of you saying it.

  • Benjamin

    10 Aug '11

    mmmmmmmm........cheest cthulu... *simpson drool*

  • Albert

    04 Sep '11

    Cheese Cthulu= Delicious AND Badass :D

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    Just pretend that you meant to say Cannoli. Everyone likes Cannolis! ...Except me. I don't like pastry cheese. >:/

  • Alex

    07 Mar '12

    If you're going with Cthulhu, don't forget to buy a tentacle warmer for colder months. Also, please feel free to imagine that this post was posted more than two years ago so it would actually affect the choice..

  • Evan

    06 Apr '12

    "leave the gun, grab the Cannolis" ...or was it the other way around?

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