• Li
    15 Dec '09

    NOW it’s fixed :) and all the pages are working now too! Check it out

  • Tim
    16 Dec '09

    you have a double up of the guest comic in your archive...

  • Elisa
    16 Dec '09

    Hurray!! I was so sad when it went down. :D It's so good to see your sweet comics again.

  • plasticuser
    16 Dec '09

    You need to break up with that guy and run away with me? Why? Oh! Because my chin doesn't look like an iMac? :P

    PS: Your hair's got longer since you started.

  • Angelica
    16 Dec '09

    yaaaaaay! I am so happy :]

  • Nojh
    16 Dec '09

    Ha! Jordan is so funny.

    Yay for the new site! You handled that very gracefully. My compliments.

  • Lily
    16 Dec '09

    I am so excited that exocomics is up and running again! Great job and great comic!

  • Ross
    16 Dec '09

    Glad you are back up! Like the new banner! :)

  • acce245
    16 Dec '09

    Awesome stuff. Though, how is your monitor connected? I don't see the right cable....

  • Scooter
    16 Dec '09

    @Tim: That's the one where the guitar mysteriously disappeared. There used to be a guiter in it, now there isn't. Never received an explanation of the change.

    @acce245: It's an iMac. You are looking at the whole computer and monitor in one unit.

  • Claire
    16 Dec '09

    Hoorah!!! Always a brilliant start to the day reading this!

    Did you remember to buy him his ice-cream??????? tsk tsk

  • Babs
    16 Dec '09

    Welcome back Shoelace!! :)

  • Brohan
    16 Dec '09

    I love how you all look like a totem pole on panel two! it made me chuckle

  • Tom
    17 Dec '09

    Yeah! So happy your back. Having said that the sad face while the site was down was adorable.

  • Sharky
    19 Dec '09

    I am glad it's fixed! Of course, I am days and days behind on my Google reader, so it being fixed is old news to everyone else. :)

  • Marcus
    19 Dec '09

    I love the new design. I made a set of social network icons in your pencil style. Thought you might like them. If you do, Jordan can slice them up for you.

  • Chee Meng Au Yong
    Chee Meng Au Yong
    21 Dec '09

    @acce245, @Scooter

    The newer iMacs have no wired keyboards and mouse, much neater :-)

  • Trobby
    10 Nov '11

    Shoelace is the best hat.

  • Christina
    23 Oct '12

    You're totally my twin. Every time I read one of these comics, I'm like "That's EXACTLY how me and my boyfriend are!" Only I'm not Asian. And he's not blonde XD

  • Joe
    7 Nov '14

    As a web developer I approve of this message.