• Li
    14 Dec '09

    Hey guys we’re back! If you haven’t heard already, my database became corrupted last wednesday and since I had not backed up, the site had to be made again from scratch. On the up side it meant that I got the opportunity to redo some artwork for the site so have a look around! On the down side, I lost all of your awesome comments :( so please feel free to go through the archives and post some more. Also, if you’ve subscribed to my comic I’m really sorry for bombarding your feed with all my reposts. Jordan was trying to turn off the feed while I re-uploaded the old comics but he didn’t know how. Anyway, sorry for all the delay, hope you like the new site!

  • Nojh
    14 Dec '09

    It looks very nice! But the menu links seem to be broken?

    Again angry cat sushi! BEST IDEA EVER!

    Sorry. Had to repeat myself since my old comment seems to be gone.

    I totally repeat that you should make stuffed angry cat sushi. Or one of those bobble things to put on my monitor, or sell us Shoelace ;)

  • Pablo
    14 Dec '09

    Sorry to hear about that :(

    Good luck with the reconstruction! I hope you can somehow find it inspiring...

    And thanks for your comics, my friends and I really enjoy them! :)

  • Lord Kap
    Lord Kap
    14 Dec '09

    I'm really glad you came back!

    Saluti, Kap

  • plasticuser
    14 Dec '09

    Glad to have you, your boyfriend, your cat and your artwork back! I hope you're all in excellent health, and that you'll back-up your boyfriend from now on... No, wait!

  • :)
    14 Dec '09

    Welcome back!!!

  • Yenny
    14 Dec '09

    Hey Li!!!

    I'm very happy you're back! I love your comic. I missed Shoelace on thursday.
    Congrats on the new artwork for the site, its lovely :D

  • Edwart Mullen
    Edwart Mullen
    14 Dec '09

    WOAH WOAH WOAH. This site feels naked! And reclothed!

  • Nidhi
    15 Dec '09

    well Jordon... if u REALLY want a comic then check this out! ----->


    And GRATS!!! for pumping up the site again! but it feels quite different.. :( but i like the cute little flowers below!

  • Steve
    15 Dec '09

    Yay, you're back! Sad Li looked so sad I couldn't stand it.

  • Yohan!
    15 Dec '09

    I'm so happy you're back! I missed you. I love the new artwork that's littered through the website, and XHTML allowed? hurrah!

  • Chris
    11 Mar '10

    sushi cat game:

  • Lisa
    7 Aug '10

    Mmm inari sushi. I made tuna mayo/soy sauce/something-else I-forget onigiri yesterday :D yumm

  • 243
    24 Aug '10

    Ohmy ! Cat sushi is my favourite !!!
    *makes onigiri & inari !*

  • Jill
    13 Sep '10

    Angry Cat Sushi: Techno band name

  • Beckeh
    22 Sep '10

    I've decided to be angry cat sushi for Halloween this year. It's the perfect use for that huge roll of bubble wrap I have lying around. :3

  • Li
    22 Sep '10

    Send me photos!

  • Gabby
    8 Jan '11


  • Randell
    16 Jul '11

    2 years after losing data, I hope you do have back-ups of this site now. =)

  • Huh
    4 Aug '11

    A cat musubi! :D It's seasoned with d'aww

  • Trobby
    10 Nov '11

    I like the Sashimi Kitty best. It reminds me of when Li was an Animorph. :3

  • The_Modern_Paladin
    24 Nov '12

    It might just be Three panels of angry cat sushi, BUT ITS GENIUS GENIUUSSS