• Li

    14 Dec '09

    “So what did you guys get up to today?” “Nothing much”

  • Nicolás Verdi

    07 Jan '10

    I think this is the one I like most.

  • Ben

    10 Apr '10

    Role reversal, hilarious!

  • lt_amazil

    14 Apr '10

    when li is away cat and jordan will play

  • S

    05 Jul '10

    The last panel should be a wallpaper. It's too darn cute, plus, Jordan looks similar to my boyfriend....

  • zebra

    15 Aug '10

    that IS too darn cute i love jodan he's like half of my friends

  • Gaia

    18 Sep '10

    soundtrack for last panel: "Happy together" I can't see me lovin' nobody but you, for all my life! ^_^

  • Shawn

    30 Oct '10

    NO!!! thats NOT what we DO when the girls arent around!!! much shuddup

  • Maddieline

    30 Nov '10

    Frolicking is the best way to spend a day. :) My boyfriend's best friend is said to frolic, but he was only do it in the right conditions, such are shown in the bottom panel. :)

  • Markoh

    08 Dec '10

    I would totally do the same

  • Julia

    11 Aug '11

    Jordan and Li are so similar to my boyfriend and I...okay, maybe I'm more like Shoelace. Not sure. XD

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11


  • otiselevator111

    09 Jul '12

    haha cute. also, FLOWERS! =D

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