• Li
    14 Dec '09

    Just kidding, they weren’t really Jordan’s marbles.

  • lt_amazil
    14 Apr '10

    I COME FROM THE FUTURE WITH SOMETHING TO SAY...the cheese will be in a sandwich but it'll be a sandwich jordan will not eat

  • Jayde
    15 Apr '10

    i play guitar in a band and if someone put marbles in it i would murder them

  • lt_amazil
    18 Apr '10

    scree scree scree

  • wolf123450
    18 Sep '10

    Cheesy strings... Nooo...

  • JohnHeemeyer
    4 Oct '10

    I agree... guitars should only be used for slicing cheese. Otherwise they just make too much noise :( I'd break them, but they'd be even noisier as they die

  • jeffsamuels
    21 Oct '10

    SO NOT COOL. i love my guitar with a passion D:

  • Xaromir
    9 Dec '10

    Just going through all the strips, and that's one of my favorites so far. <3
    I wish i could draw. O.o
    Don't listen to the others, i wuv my guitar too, but you can cut your cheese with it anytime,
    for being awesome and making me lol! :3

  • Dante
    6 Feb '11

    Cat facepalm

  • Zeke
    3 Mar '11

    As a guitar player, I would like to say AAAAAAAAAAA! AAAAAAAAAA! STOP IT! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

  • Bathysphere
    10 Jun '11

    Guitar players seem pretty upset about this one.

  • master za
    master za
    8 Jul '11

    OMG! Shoelace is taking his eyebrows off!

  • Doodlebug
    15 Aug '11

    After I read this, I died inside a little bit. Maybe a lot.

  • Trobby
    10 Nov '11

    That shark is going to be very ornery when he finds out Li has been playing with his marbles.

    Unless she got permission first. In which case I'm sure it'll be alright.

  • M
    29 Jun '12

    Mmmm.... string cheese :)
    also Shoelace: /facepaw

  • Chris the Blue
    Chris the Blue
    23 Apr '16

    As a guitar player... oh God the humanity.