• Li

    14 Dec '09

    Apparently he doesn’t love me as much after food time compared to pre-food time. Sneaky.

  • casmarie

    02 Jan '10

    heh, all cats are the same

  • Pi

    13 Mar '10

    This looks like my older sister with the family cat... She loves it so much, but it wants nothing to do with her, even when food is involved '~')

  • lt_amazil

    14 Apr '10

    (insert witty pun here)...may the pun have a eye patch related punchline

  • Silverscale

    30 Aug '10

    This reminds me of Yuiko from Beast Master

  • Shawn

    30 Oct '10

    my Ren hates me during feeding time loves after and before

  • Naima

    08 Nov '10

    hah... my cousin says the same about her 14 month all.... everything is "mommy" pre-meal time... but she ceases to exist for him after... lol

  • Bathysphere

    10 Jun '11

    Casmarie, that's racist.

  • Ciaran

    15 Jul '11

    It's what my mom calls "cupboard love"; in the same way that you take food out of the cupboard, they show more affection, and when you put it away; back to normal ignoring-you.

  • Doodlebug

    15 Aug '11

    Ha ha ha ha ha, it's just like me and my cat!!

  • Alan

    08 Nov '12

    Rats are the opposite way round XD

  • waan

    04 Feb '16

    this is about me :o almost all of your comics are about me and my greku and my cats :D we have very similar life :)

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