• Li
    14 Dec '09

    There’s nothing like a day out with a good friend :)

  • Gabriel
    25 Dec '09

    Thank you very much Li! your comics make me soo soo happy!
    Merry Christmas

  • Tamarind
    7 May '10

    Space fish! I love this picture so much :D

  • Jake (also known as Duke)
    Jake (also known as Duke)
    1 Jun '10

    Hahaha I love your comics sooo much. This is going to be my new background.

  • Q
    6 Aug '10

    awesome stuff

  • Random Person
    Random Person
    10 Aug '10

    Space worms!! This picture is amazing.

  • Om
    11 Aug '10

    No! You fool! This picture is completely unrealistic! Everyone knows there is no sound in space!


    I want a space fishie ;_;

    27 Oct '10

    why is not this picture in the store?
    (aawwww.. i got so tired at the moment that i needed a translator for this simple sentence >_>)

  • E-1
    25 Nov '10

    Space worms... so that's what makes those wormholes !


  • Robyn
    16 Dec '10

    I think the space shark's fishin' hat really makes the picture. Fabulous!

  • Zeke
    3 Mar '11

    This comic has officially jumped the shark.

  • Jelly-being
    8 Sep '11

    OMG TEH FISHEEZ R ATTACKING! Ha ha space fish invasion.

  • Trobby
    10 Nov '11

    It's good to see Jordan and Shoelace getting along.

  • Sabby
    3 Aug '13

    I am a troll, a hurtful person by nature. I have been through 70 strips so far looking for any imperfection to pick at. There have been none, and my heart has been won. I love your week, please never ever stop. <3

  • Sabby
    3 Aug '13


    I was clearly overloaded with good feelings and happiness.

  • Josh
    29 Oct '13

    I assume the radio is playing some space jams. Or maybe some lunar tunes.

  • Henry O
    Henry O
    12 May '18

    Lord C's also 70 comics on, & won't stop till t'end!
    (Yay Shoelace, Yay Space Shark, Yay Animorphs, Yay Sci-Fi, Yay Reading & Boo Jordan for bein allowed to hangout with/date you! S'not fair says this Pirate Cat... Yarrrr!!! *Waggles Eyebrows Sadly*