• Li
    15 Sep '21

    ‘Ooo Li why does everything load so fast now??’ you ask. It’s because we’ve updated the website, silly! While things may look the same on the surface, the website has now been improved to run smoother and faster! Especially the archive page. Go on, have a look. Ooo so fast huh. I’ve also updated some of the assets and there are shiny new banners up there including one for Cat Town :D

    Unfortunately, the one downside is that comments are now disabled. I’ve really appreciated all your comments over the years (I ’ve read all of them!) and if you browse through the archive you’ll see that all previous comments have been preserved. But with the new website system and the growing amount of spam the comment section attracts, I’ve decided it’s best to close them for now. You can still comment on my stuff via facebook, instagram, twitter, reddit and patreon. You can also email me if you like :)

    Huge thanks to SuperTux88 for making this happen! Danke schön!!