• Li

    21 Jul '21

    You can buy prints of this piece as well as any of my other comics or artwork in the store! I print them right here in New Zealand and I sign each and every one of them :)

  • Meg

    22 Jul '21

    This is my favorite piece you’ve ever done, and I’ve been following you for years. The colors? The coziness? The vibes?? Impeccable. Awe inspiring. Warm and fuzzy.

  • Skyeanna

    23 Jul '21

    This is so sweet. I think it's my favorite one, though all of your work makes me smile.

  • john

    23 Jul '21

    how does shoelace fit in the van?! lovely work =)

  • gws

    23 Jul '21

    Size is meaningless.

  • Mike

    23 Jul '21

    Can giant Shoelace still fly? Who needs an Air Bison? :)

  • NC

    23 Jul '21

    Size is buoyant! What is the sprinkly dark blue stuff in the middle of the rear window?

  • Heelander

    24 Jul '21

    NC, it looks like a plant to me.

  • Scott R

    29 Jul '21

    Shoelaces on top of "Shoes!" Brilliant!

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