• Li

    23 Jun '21

    Hey! Just a reminder that you can read my other comic Cat Town by becoming my patron! It's about a town where everyone is cats. That's pretty cool.

  • zsh

    23 Jun '21

    666, *gasp*

  • Satan, Lord of Darkness

    24 Jun '21


  • KD

    24 Jun '21

    This sort of reminds me of Elmo's whole beef with Rocco.

  • PlunderBunny

    24 Jun '21

    Mr Teddy hates it when they fight. Won't someone think of the... teddies?

  • Franck

    25 Jun '21

    Shoelace just eating crisps in bed, peacefully.

  • Simon

    25 Jun '21

    "Pay careful attention: to identify this Beast, you can calculate its number. It is the number of a name, and that number is 666."

  • Kilby

    26 Jun '21

    Li doesn't take orders from anybody: not from a bear, not even from a horse, and certainly not from any silly demon brandishing biblical numeric superstitions.

  • Xeno!

    26 Jun '21

    I'm pretty sure it's just that in New Zealand this is comic 999.

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