• Li

    26 May '21

    Just a reminder that I have a new Patreon-exclusive comic called Cat Town and you can read it over here!

  • Venture

    27 May '21

    Don't worry bird! You're very cool!

  • edrie

    27 May '21

    I am captivated. And just a little bit scared.

  • PlunderBunny

    27 May '21

    "Be home by sunset, and don't let me catch you posing on any rocks!" "I'd do whatever I want, mum"

  • Aeron

    28 May '21

    This is the Extra Ordinary/Poorly Drawn Lines crossover I didn't know I wanted.

  • Nick

    02 Jun '21

    He doesn't always eat birdseed, but when he does, he makes it Dos Equis Birdseed. Stay hungry, my friends.

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