• Li

    19 May '21

    Welcome to Learning With Li™

  • Sander

    19 May '21


  • Rusty

    20 May '21

    A horse is a horse of course of course unless that horse is of course, glue.

  • oish

    20 May '21

    But where does gorilla glue come from?

  • Aeron

    20 May '21

    Food for babies, actual babies, actual food, ground up remains of the poor fella that placed last in the derby.

  • Azalea

    20 May '21

    Horse just can't catch a break, can he?

  • Noah

    20 May '21

    I love the same level of excitement when Li explains each one of them, lol

  • Jennifer

    20 May '21

    I feel like gelatin should be on the list, too. The stories I've heard of vegetarians/vegans enjoying Jello with no idea they're eating animal bones, it would actually be a revelation for some!

  • Robin

    22 May '21

    Yeah, honey does *not* come from hornet’s nests.

  • Randomz

    23 May '21

    Corn come from there *points to Ohio* .

  • Kilby

    26 May '21

    Only after Noah pointed out the identical excitement levels did I notice that that part of the drawing has been copied in all four frames. The dent in the hairline makes it obvious.

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