• Li

    14 Dec '09

    He does this everytime we get M&Ms.

  • Michel

    16 Mar '10

    Seems perfectly normal to me! Cheers!

  • Lobzy

    07 Apr '10

    I always do that too.

  • lt_amazil

    14 Apr '10

    not only is it a good passtime but it's kind of cool to look at when done

  • Paul

    09 May '10

    lol i get it now.

  • rootbeer78

    23 May '10

    Don't mess with a guy with OCD. I should know. I have it.

  • Erika

    24 May '10

    I always try to count them and make sure there's the same number of each color (eating the extras, of course). Then I eat them six at a time, one of each color.

  • Dr. Sakuya, PhD

    18 Jun '10

    My OCD senses are tingling.

  • sam

    29 Jul '10

    oh, fantastic! Sooo true!

  • ina

    09 Aug '10

    i do the same thing with smarties. then i systematically eat them according to how many of each color there are until they're all equal amounts. i also arrange them in geometric shapes. i.e. triangle, rhombus, and try to eat them in such a way so that they stay a shape. but for some reason i never bother with m&ms, their just too good to waste time doing that.

  • Melody

    22 Sep '10

    lol I do this too! But this is actually called ocpd, not ocd. Sorry, one of my peeves when they're misused

  • Tamfang

    23 Sep '10

    You can buy bags of single colors.

  • Killashandra

    30 Sep '10

    but you'll miss all the fun!!

  • Dadtough

    01 Oct '10

    Seems to me that he has autism.

  • Naima

    08 Nov '10

    no fun in buying single colored bags... you can separate and then eat them randomly in different color combinations... and some one mentioned smarties... *sigh* haven't had those in ages

  • Becca

    18 Nov '10

    I do this with everything and my friends always think it's really funny to mess things up and make me all twitch!! :'( They don't think it's funny when my fist twitches into their gut though... >n>

  • yeri

    25 Nov '10

    lol ur so kind

  • Whit

    23 Dec '10

    just saying, just because you do this doesn't mean you're OCD. haha I do this with any colored candy. Skittles especially, I eat all the misshapen ones or the ones missing the 'S' and then I sort the rest of them into groups of 6. xD your comics are awesome~

  • jack

    16 Jan '11

    Hahaha, that's great again :)

  • Adela

    24 May '11

    I'd just like to take this time to say, I love thunderstorms, and that's what's happening right now. Also I just started craving M&Ms.

  • Erinn

    27 May '11

    I just wanted to add my 2 cents. I always color code candies and I too eat the extras to make all the colors even. I watch other people just eat them mixed together and I wonder "Why?! You are mixing the flavors!" Even if it is just M&Ms. Yea I know that the shell doesn't have flavor but it's what my brain does. Speaking of which my co-worker just messed up my sorted skittles. ***eyelid begins to twitch*** :o)

  • Grimm

    01 Jun '11

    I have C.D.O. It's like O.C.D. only all the letters are in alphabetical order. As they should be!

  • Ryan

    04 Aug '11

    The topic of this comic seems to be O.C.D, so I suppose it only makes sense that in the second box, Li's glasses don't have frames, thus upsetting anyone here with O.C.D... Was this intentional, Li? Or simply an ironic accident? (Also, first time I've ever seen your comics, and they are so lovely and fun!)

  • Ryan

    05 Aug '11

    Ah, now I see, it is the angle you are looking... Okay...

  • Doodlebug

    15 Aug '11


  • xMariax

    03 Dec '11

    OMG. i did this to my roomate the other day. the came home and then went into the box...again. Oh the box is where you go if you're about to break something if you wanted to know. :)

  • nikki w

    06 Jan '12

    :3 I Do that with skittles (cause they are all different flavors!) And I arrange anything small into shapes >.> fiance thought he had a poltergiest for a while since he didn't see me do it and he would always find his spare change in shapes on his desk lol didn't realize I was creeping him out with my arranging (disorder?) X3

  • chuckchuckrazool

    25 Jul '12

    The look on his face in the first panel says, "yes. Yesssss! Glorious order."

  • Nae

    03 Oct '13

    I do that... It's called obsessive compulsive disorder...

  • Martin

    19 May '15

    That was so evil D:

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