• Li

    07 Apr '21

    Mistakes were made. Ducks were rotunded.

  • 3l10tt

    08 Apr '21

    He is rocking that mustache!

  • Mylefey

    08 Apr '21

    It's even funnier when you learn that "pain au chocolat" isn't made from bread at all, it's a croissant. There is a french civil war (maybe I'm exaggerating... or am I?) about it, as some people prefer to call it "chocolatine". Sacrebleu indeed !

  • François

    08 Apr '21

    There is no war. This duck is having a chocolatine.

  • Antoine

    09 Apr '21

    It's called a chocolatine!!

  • McLovin

    09 Apr '21

    Pain is chocolate? Ouch

  • B

    11 Apr '21

    I've only known them as chocolate croissants, but I'm not French.

  • X

    24 Apr '21

    There is disagreement about the name of this pastry. https://youtu.be/8ACrmXE2mFw

  • Nemo

    30 Apr '21

    If pain is bread in French, this guy's running a bakery

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