• Li

    10 Mar '21

    Duck is not business savvy.

  • Oscar

    10 Mar '21

    Just market it under the name 'iMEN'.

  • Quack

    11 Mar '21

    The Emperor’s New Duck

  • Johnny

    11 Mar '21

    So Duck is British,...interesting.

  • Xeno!

    11 Mar '21

    Dead is TECHNICALLY a kind of energy.

  • [email protected]

    11 Mar '21

    Just wait until Duck realizes they are actually a rabbit rotated 90°.

  • PlunderBunny

    11 Mar '21

    "But brand recognition is off the chart - just look at this graph! Oh, wait, the Y-axis is upside-down..."

  • gws

    11 Mar '21

    They're not skulls, they're happy little scallions. Or mushrooms. Maybe I'm just hungry right now.

  • Falling Cats

    11 Mar '21

    This is the reason why ducks will never gain world domination, but cats will.

  • Joshu

    16 Mar '21

    I so would drink that anyway idgaf. I started with coffee, made it through Red Bull and Rockstar, Whoop Ass and Bawlz, still drinking Monster and C4. iMEN don't scare me.

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