• Li

    03 Mar '21

    *chef kiss*

  • Adam Malone

    04 Mar '21

    I have it on good authority that his great gramdma was a Donkey.

  • Glitch King

    04 Mar '21

    You have to admire how quick and efficient her research is.

  • Aeron

    04 Mar '21

    Horse goes around saying that there are some unicorns in his ancestry, but he's never been able to provide any evidence.

  • Sunshine

    04 Mar '21

    Can we have a picture of the family chart without overlaps? I have memes to make!

  • PlunderBunny

    04 Mar '21

    A proud and noble lineage - you can tell he comes from good stock. But seriously - my sister is a librarian ("...not from Liberia!") and she gets people who expect that she can just do this, maybe by flipping through one or two books, which should be immediately to hand of course.

  • Horse

    04 Mar '21

    This was pretty funny I doubt people who are dumb enough to not know what a librarian is know that Liberia exists.

  • gws

    05 Mar '21

    The baby's name is Horse.

  • Kilby

    05 Mar '21

    "A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no-one can talk to a horse, of course..."

  • Indi

    06 Mar '21

    You had me at 'horse'.

  • Falling Cats

    08 Mar '21

    like it :)

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