• Li

    04 Feb '21

    Congratulations, Criminal Buns!

  • Steven

    04 Feb '21

    Don’t worry Buns, you never feel ready. Papa Buns is either going to have to go straight, or we’re witnessing the origin story of the world’s greatest cat burglar.

  • Falling Cats

    04 Feb '21

    I call this a dramatic twist.

  • Venture

    04 Feb '21

    Heyyyyy. Am I allowed to ask where Jordan went? Been a while....5 years since he's shown up? Maybe?

  • Mike

    04 Feb '21

    Bun should have read 'The Ransom of Red Chief' before deciding to try his hand (paw?) at kidnapping.

  • PlunderBunny

    04 Feb '21

    “Coming up next on channel 4, another thrilling episode of Crime Buns and Bad Kitty...”

  • Xeno!

    05 Feb '21

    Buns: "Looks like the scam failed again Stripes! Lets try the next house."

  • Langdon

    09 Feb '21

    buns ya doofus

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