• Li

    25 Nov '20

    pat pat

  • GlitchKing

    26 Nov '20

    You're pretty smug for someone who can't catch their own tail.

  • Rip

    26 Nov '20

    Good at seeing colors, I am I am.

  • Aeron

    26 Nov '20

    Human: "Where would this dog be without me?" Dog: "Where would this human be without me?"

  • PlunderBunny

    26 Nov '20

    Look at what I can do: I wrote some C# server-side code that... oh, you've already done that too? Well, good boy, I guess.

  • Question down belowww

    26 Nov '20

    I am man. I am heeuman. At leest I no hou too spel.

  • Gart

    27 Nov '20

    You are also a Good at being a Good Boy

  • Xeno!

    29 Nov '20

    I mean, Dog is cool and all, but is it Robot?

  • Mike

    30 Nov '20

    Every day I open cans that you can't open. I win.


    01 Dec '20

    i love to read

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