• Li

    18 Nov '20

    Hey if you want anything from my store for xmas, please do it soon! Shipping from the bottom of the world takes aaaaaages. See the shipping dates here.

  • PlunderBunny

    18 Nov '20

    Olden times were very noisy - no one could get any sleep.

  • il biggo

    18 Nov '20

    "Can't you guys take this on Facebook or something?"

  • Jim

    19 Nov '20

    Which witch is which!?

  • Xeno!

    19 Nov '20

    One Witch, Two Witch, Bear Witch, You Witch!

  • Steven L.

    19 Nov '20

    Respectfully, Bird is much likelier to weigh the same as a duck.

  • Vincent

    19 Nov '20

    So, is bird made of wood, then?

  • Indi

    21 Nov '20

    It's a fair cop.

  • Randomz

    23 Nov '20

    HEY THIS isnt the past there are no butter churns.....

  • Sleepy Bunneh

    23 Nov '20

    Ground control to major bird. Ground control to major bird. Take your protein seeds and put your helmet on. Ground control to major bird. Commencing countdown YEET is on. Check ignition and may Li's love be with you. I would continue but I don't want this to come across as spam.

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