• bunnitos

    22 Oct '20

    Is, is the snail's name carrot?

  • Kiwi

    22 Oct '20

    @bunnitos The magazine in the last panel says carrot no.

  • Jim

    22 Oct '20


  • Crude Technical

    22 Oct '20

    cat yes

  • chair

    22 Oct '20

    "Did that go the way you thought it was going to go? Nooope."

  • Xeno!

    22 Oct '20

    "Ah hex~!"

  • Richard Drysdall

    23 Oct '20

    ...and you feet will be slightly different sizes, so that no matter what shoe size you choose, they will never be comfortable. Mwahaha...

  • Harke

    27 Oct '20

    The scary part is someone just eating lettuce straight up like that. No dressing? You're definitely into hexes.

  • Twenny

    27 Oct '20

    I like that the Snail could get lettuce whenever it wanted, it just chose to hex others to do the work for it.

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