• Li

    07 Oct '20

    Woop woop, it's the sound of the zoo police

  • Aeron

    07 Oct '20

    Look, I just told them I was concerned that your whole mouth is on one side of your head.

  • gws

    08 Oct '20

    I'll get you for this, nark my words!

  • chair

    08 Oct '20

    Your honor, my client was just horsing around

  • Steven

    08 Oct '20

    Shoelace is in for a surprise. Have you ever tried to arrest bees?

  • Zemyla

    08 Oct '20


  • Xeno!

    08 Oct '20

    Nark, in NZ, can apparently just mean annoying person. In the US, "narc" is short for narcotics officer. My point is that painting yourself as a zebra is perfectly legal until you start selling drugs on the side.

  • pruwyben

    08 Oct '20

    You are under police

  • KRS-One fan

    08 Oct '20

    Woop Woop!

  • 1Rhino2laugh

    10 Oct '20

    this comment section has zoo many puns

  • Mike I

    12 Oct '20

    I'm sorry, this charade can go on no longer

  • Scott

    21 Oct '20

    Xeno!, in British English a nark is also a snitch. (aka rat, stool pigeon, grass ... hmm, does this mean we have a zebra whose downfall was a grass?)

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