• Li

    23 Sep '20

    This is my favourite recent artwork :D May you all have a cosy vibe kinda day

    Also just a reminder that you can buy this or any other of my comics or drawings as signed prints in the store :)

  • 50srefugee

    24 Sep '20

    I love these glowing rainy night portraits. Beautiful and evocative. Can the flying kitty hold the umbrella while the Handed One feeds the machine?

  • Cabbage

    24 Sep '20

    How can such ambient be so beautiful! Love your work!

  • Sander

    24 Sep '20

    Never thought I'd loke to look at a vending machine. It's so beautiful : )

  • Johnny

    24 Sep '20

    Very Lo-Fi vibes. Love it!

  • Momo

    25 Sep '20

    Why are you pondering about the tea? Hurry and go somewhere dry.

  • Pharmakeus Ubik

    25 Sep '20

    Very evocative. What goes best with the snacks in the bag?

  • Ed

    25 Sep '20

    It's cyberpunk, but cute.

  • Al

    25 Sep '20

    Lovely artwork, I have been following you for many years and it is inspiring how far you have come with your technique

  • gws

    25 Sep '20

    Yeeesssssss.... Come closer to the liiiight...

  • indi

    26 Sep '20

    Lovely as always.

  • Forth

    28 Sep '20

    Everybody talking about the vending machine, which is cool, but are we going to just ignore the umbrella with all the reflections and translucency and magical wossnames?

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