• Li

    26 Aug '20

    oh dear

  • Sander

    27 Aug '20

    No surprise here, but I love this.

  • chair

    27 Aug '20

    come back with the tiny briefcase of tiny prize money, tiny cat!

  • Madeleine

    27 Aug '20

    Or maybe it's Li who is even greater than the big veggie and the regular-sized cat?

  • edrie

    27 Aug '20

    Look out, Bun, there’s a new criminal mastermind in town

  • LBMango

    27 Aug '20

    I'm with Chair... if they had a tiny briefcase overfilled with tiny money.... who did they EXPECT to win? CLEARLY there's a conspiracy here!


    27 Aug '20

    Silly lil cat face. You are a fraud and a trickster!

  • EL

    27 Aug '20

    There's no point catching him anymore. He may not quite have spent all the money yet, but he already spent enough to get the best hat.

  • Mike

    27 Aug '20

    Or maybe the cat is normal sized but Li is gigantic?

  • James

    28 Aug '20

    Tiny money for tiny kitties.

  • Daniel

    30 Aug '20

    So many crimey animals, so little time.

  • Xeno!

    31 Aug '20

    If that tiny cat grew that normal sized pumpkin, then obviously if he was normal sized it'd be a giant pumpkin. That's just biology.

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