• Li

    15 Jul '20

    I spent a lot of time working on this week's one panel, hope you like it! Just a reminder that you can buy this as a print in the store :)

  • Nathaniel

    16 Jul '20

    Your single-panel art is always amazing, but this one feels particularly so. Wow!

  • edrie

    16 Jul '20

    I love how shoelace is sitting on books to reach his milkshake and the band-aid on Li’s knee. It’s little touches like that that really make it exceptional.

  • Jack

    16 Jul '20

    The neon makes this feel very cyberpunk... are you two going to drive off in a flying car after finishing those milkshakes?

  • Indi

    17 Jul '20

    The detail on this is amazing. I love your one-panels.

  • L+

    24 Jul '20

    The cool guys

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