• Li

    24 Jun '20


  • gws

    25 Jun '20

    Looks like he'll be getting that free drink now.

  • Ashezth

    25 Jun '20

    Read it and weep.

  • Xeno!

    25 Jun '20

    Ooof, right in the late fees.

  • Issa

    25 Jun '20

    Buns strikes again! Steal all the knowledge!

  • Nemo

    25 Jun '20

    For the first time in forever Li wears pants

  • Mark Monlux

    26 Jun '20

    Okay! That is hilarious.

  • Mike

    27 Jun '20

    Librarian: "Well, we normally don't allow animals to check out books, but since you already have a library card I guess it's okay..."

  • Randomz

    28 Jun '20

    You should check out "the Ranger's apprentice" or " Illuminae Files" or even "The boxcar children" I have so many good books I like to recommend..to recommend.

  • Johnny

    28 Jun '20

    That bunny's ass though...

  • Randomz

    29 Jun '20

    We interrupt this radio broadcast for a special. Tonight on Nighthawk News local bunny claimed to be source of over $35.74 in library late book fees. Nighthawk News tried contacting Li Chen,one of the victims, but was unable to reach her due to a magic incident with Teed's sound recorder. Nighthawk News will post further update on this case when more is available. And now back to Bun Night Blues by Famous Artist.

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