• Sander

    27 May '20

    You totally deserved that (being featured by Procreate, that is, not the whole being chased by an animal thing).

  • Ashezth

    28 May '20

    Plot twist: Li has salad, Tiger wants salad.

  • Ari Morse

    28 May '20


  • Xeno!

    28 May '20

    "She so still! I think they call that a vegetative state. I could really go for some vegetables. Do you think she'll make a good salad?"

  • Invisibules

    28 May '20

    I think he's after the lunchbox in your satchel, Li!

  • EL

    28 May '20

    Okay but if he can stay still for that long while balancing on one foot then he's kinda EARNED the right to eat you, don't you think?

  • Hue Hue

    28 May '20

    Hey Li, just curious, what do you like on your hotdogs?

  • Cassy

    06 Jun '20

    Poor tiger stands still on one feet

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