• Li
    29 Apr '20

    Hey you! I added a new design to my teepublic store! Also, just a reminder that you can get comic #610 as well as any of my other artwork as prints over at the store :D

  • Becky
    30 Apr '20

    Hey, just wanted to let you know the RSS feed images are broken - they are pointing to /comics/feed/.jpg which 404s, and it looks like it should be /wp-content/uploads/.jpg. Love what you do <3

  • Pink Photon
    Pink Photon
    30 Apr '20

    I was thinking "Mmm, extra protein!"

    You can market it as a health food.

  • Fernly
    30 Apr '20

    Why doesn’t all police warning tape just read “don’t”? Quick, patent “don’t”-tape. Dontape. Doughntape. Doh!ntape.

  • edrie
    30 Apr '20

    Candy man can’t.

  • Xeno!
    30 Apr '20

    Is it raining? Is is snowing? Is a hurricane a'blowing? Nope, just swarms of flies and gnats.

  • Ygg
    30 Apr '20

    This is without question the funniest exocomic to date.
    I have been giggling out loud to myself for a while now.

  • Mike
    5 May '20

    That's why Wonka had the Oompa-Loompas. They ate insects, mice and rats.

  • David
    22 May '20

    I feel compelled to mention a video describing all the laws that Willy Wonka would have been breaking. :)

  • Snickerdoodle
    1 Oct '20

    What? Y'all have never had chocolate covered ants?

  • Rid
    4 Oct '20

    What about chocolate covered grasshoppers?