• Li
    25 Mar '20

    Hey I know a lot of you are probably in lockdown at the moment and I hope you’re all doing ok! Stay inside and stay safe.

  • Tim van der Meij
    Tim van der Meij
    26 Mar '20

    12:00, we both just started! I've got a two-year head start on all y'alls!

  • Kilby
    26 Mar '20

    That idiotic Korean robot that keeps spamming every single new comic is becoming exceedingly tiresome.

  • Kev
    26 Mar '20

    I like the leaves :)

  • Xeno!
    26 Mar '20

    "I... uh... lost my boots... in a river?"

  • Indi
    26 Mar '20

    I love the light touches of color. At first I was confused about autumn coming on then I remembered we are on different sides of the equator!

  • Mike I
    Mike I
    26 Mar '20

    I'm only essential sometimes... if I turn on Postmates delivery app I mean

  • tudzz
    26 Mar '20

    Forgot the hat and toggle coat.