• Li

    13 Feb '20

    Whoa I can't believe we've reached comic 600! I hope you like this special piece I made. If you want to pore over the details, you can find a higher res version on my instagram. I can't wait to share my sketches and behind the scenes posts on my Patreon :D

    Thank you all for sticking with me for another hundred comics, here's to many more :)

  • Sarah

    13 Feb '20

    Wow so much going on! So beautiful!

  • Tim van der Meij

    13 Feb '20


  • Marc

    13 Feb '20

    Wow. This is seriously such a good looking piece. Congrats on reaching the big 600! (How much would it be to stay at this fancy hotel?)

  • Jerod

    13 Feb '20

    I like the bird who intercepted the phone line.

  • Maria

    13 Feb '20

    This is SO BEAUTIFUL! So many details! Wow, amazing!

  • Jack Chain

    13 Feb '20

    so many cats, but only one cat butthole... :(

  • Never Dot

    13 Feb '20

    This is wonderful! Crazy detailed mini-worlds are my favourite art form! I really wish I could buy this as a big puzzle.

  • gws

    13 Feb '20

    The difference between the left and right sides of the scene is, like, day and night!

  • Indi

    13 Feb '20

    I am absolutely gob smacked. So beautiful.

  • Mick

    13 Feb '20


  • Kilby

    13 Feb '20

    @ gws - I agree, it reminded me of the Pixar short film "Day & Night". P.S. @ Jack Chain - That is the proper ratio. It's nice to see that these cats are a little more circumspect in their posturing.

  • chloe

    14 Feb '20

    Woahhh... Never Dot is so right this would be an incredible puzzle! Love this so much :)

  • Max

    15 Feb '20


  • Hindbodes

    16 Feb '20

    Say, check it out: the cafe down the bottom is a bit like Cafe Max.

  • Aejandro Monteagudo

    18 Feb '20

    Amazing, you should really consider starting a story comicbook

  • Morgan

    18 Feb '20

    If this were a puzzle I'd definitely buy it AND get one for our library!

  • Ed

    11 May '20

    Richard Scarry would have loved this. :)

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