• Li

    29 Jan '20

    You should definitely wear pants to work. I'm tellin' ya.

  • Josh

    29 Jan '20

    Working from home today, so as far as pants are concerned that's a no from me!

  • Kilby

    29 Jan '20

    Isn't it a bit hypocritical to complain about the dog's attire when Li isn't wearing pants, either? After all, we don't even know the dog's gender!

  • FredB

    30 Jan '20

    Still a good boi

  • Franck

    30 Jan '20

    You've played good cop when you were supposed to play bad cop!

  • Pat

    30 Jan '20

    Is it not "no pants day" today?

  • Issa

    30 Jan '20

    No pants, just tights for warmth and a cute skirt I can wear despite impending birth of baby. Even failing: Still a good doggo.

  • Aeron

    30 Jan '20

    @Franck, Good bad cop.

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