• Björn

    01 Jan '12

    I read all the books! Best kids' series ever... even better than Chet Gecko. :D

  • Ty

    07 Jan '12

    shoelace always looks so feirce with his eybrows i've never read animorphs, i liked the covers and i wanted to read them but i guess i never got around to it... *goes to library*

  • Glacier_Nester

    17 May '12

    Wanted to read the whole animorphs series, but my local library got closed before i could find them all. D:

  • Nekoko

    17 May '12

    They aren't popular in this day and age, which is sad... I still read the whole series...

  • Toshi

    24 May '12

    Just make sure not to keep Shoelace attached to your head longer than two hours... ...Actually, you'd like that, wouldn't you?

  • Mickey

    14 Jun '12

    First comment of 2012! My boyfriend Stumbled here saying it reminds me of him and I and it does so much it's frightening! I love love loved Animorph's as a kid, and hope to get the entire collection now that I'm a big girl.

  • Chris the Blue

    23 Apr '16

    I used to* pretend I was a Beast Wars Transformer. Usually Megatron. That or Dinobot. *I still do sometimes.

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