• Li
    14 Dec '09

    If you didn’t read animorphs as a child then you probably won’t get this comic but if you’re TOTALLY AWESOME then you will have read the entire series of Animorphs plus the companion books. Being the geek that I am, I used to work in the library at school and so I’d get to read them before everyone else (ohhh yeah, new book smell). Animorphs ftw!

  • Jake
    18 Dec '09

    I totally read animorphs growing up! They were indeed awesome.

  • Raunak aka Marco
    Raunak aka Marco
    27 Feb '10

    Yep, I did too.
    Animorphs, Broken Sky and all the rest of Scholastic goodness.

  • lt_amazil
    14 Apr '10

    unfortanetely i didn't read a single book of animorphs...i just like the covers =3

  • Leah
    11 May '10

    I do remember Animorphs. I read only one of them. However, I highly approve of your new strategy. It's fantastic ^_^

  • Erika
    24 May '10

    Oooh, I used to work at a library! I love the smell of books.....but then they switched me from the teen and adult fiction into the picture book section. Little children are.........*shudder*

    Ahaha but I haven't read Animorphs in years! I think I still have some around the house someplace....*goes to look*

  • Dr. Sakuya, PhD
    Dr. Sakuya, PhD
    18 Jun '10

    I read a bit of them but I never really got into them.

  • Akun
    21 Jun '10

    I was in the Animorphs bookclub when I was a kid--you remember those book catalogs they gave out every so often that you could order books from? No? Maybe it was an Indiana thing. o.O Anyway, they had bookclub memberships in them, and you got like 4 books a month mailed directly to you plus some fun stuff. I was in the Babysitter's Club bookclub but I dropped it for Animorphs. I watched the TV show, too. I was a special child. x.x

  • Jrmy
    4 Aug '10

    wow, nostalgia..

  • Lisa
    7 Aug '10

    I hate how they ended it. That sucked.

  • ina
    9 Aug '10

    "you're really wierd sometimes, stop that." she said with a cat tied to her head

  • Mors
    9 Aug '10

    Radiohead and now Animorphs. Too sweet.

  • kate
    1 Sep '10

    Man o man, Animorphs was my favorite series when I was younger. I dont think I've ever met anyone else who has read them though

  • Constonks
    10 Sep '10


    That's... uh... pretty much all there is to say about this reference.

  • zippomage
    11 Sep '10

    I read some of the first ones. That writer had an incredible talent, and it's a tragedy it was trapped in a childrens series like that. They don't ever let you go, it's like disney. they just pump you till your dry.

  • Werner
    12 Sep '10

    I only read a few, but they were awesome, and weird.

  • Silverfish
    14 Sep '10

    I still have all of my Animorph books <3

  • Omicron
    17 Sep '10

    I LOVED Animorphs when I was a kid. I miss them.

  • Melody
    22 Sep '10

    lol awesome!

  • Audrey
    30 Sep '10

    I play a druid on WoW, and I named her Animorpher after the books!

    Love your comics, they remind me so much of my little apartment with my fiancee Josh and our cat Roxy!

  • manda
    7 Oct '10

    i totally member and loved the animorph books! they were great for when we would go on cross counrty road trips as a kid.

  • Isaac
    9 Oct '10

    Hells to the power of yes! Animorphs is friggin' awesome. And I own the companion books, but I have yet to read them.

  • Sooshi Meo
    Sooshi Meo
    10 Oct '10

    :O! Its been sooooo long! I had completely forgotten about them! I have a fear that I'll forget the good 'ole things that I use to watch and do and places where I use to go. >.> Sometimes I try to list them but then I get a headache doing so.

    27 Oct '10

    as a child i only could read them in a library because i didn't had enough money to buy these books, but i never could finish reading them because they don't got them all! *sob*
    But i sweard that one day i will buy them all and read again until my eyes are bleeding! And i don't give a shit if someone say... he... animorphs? Aren't these child science fiction? Because my mum read them too!!!!! (hell yeah mothafucka, my mom is rad as hell and she also like star trek :3 )

    This entry is dedicated to my MoM :3

  • Jessica
    11 Nov '10

    I miss animorphs. I feel bad for Tobias.

  • Sunfiredheartsblood
    12 Nov '10

    I absolutely love Tobias. and Marco. Cuz Marco is so cute, and hawt and funneh, and... did i mention cute?? Yea, cuz he is *u* My childhood [meaning current] dream is to get hold of ALLLL the animorph books evarr!! I used to insert myself as a character into the books... a small side character with maneh powahs xP and i have digressed mucho mucho.... i wub going through these archives *u*

  • Mike
    12 Nov '10

    I read and still own every single Animorph book, and companion ones.

  • Noelle
    27 Nov '10

    I lost the set. . .I ran out of space :-/ I had to choose either the series, or Jane Eyre/Wuthering Heights/Scarlet letter. . . . .

  • Darrian
    6 Dec '10

    after I read animorphs, i was convinced my dog was a person.
    My favorite series growing up.
    The show wasn't very good though.

  • Mar
    7 Dec '10

    I never got to read the entire series because my town's public library only had a few :'(, I'm traumatized for life.

    9 Dec '10

    It is weird how often the media I read/listen/watch refers to animorphs. By the way those books were awesome!!!

  • Sus
    20 Dec '10

    Woah, you just described me. I loved Animorphs, especially Tobias. & yup, read the extras <3

  • Trishie
    3 Jan '11

    Le sigh.. Animorphs are how I met my Bestie! I've read every single one of them at least 5 times. But one tragic summer I was away and mom gave them to charity. Someone somewhere had the best Thrift store cruising day EVER!

  • LJ
    6 Jan '11

    Animorphs FTW!!

  • Tetchy
    16 Jan '11

    Animorphs annoyed me because they were always next to the Goosebumps books at the library. :3 I'd have to sift through the disorganized racks and toss aside all the animporhs.

  • Sreg
    26 Jan '11

    Tobias was definitely the coolest animorph, but I loved the series as a kid, just finished them a couple years ago, the last few books are kinda bad though... and the ending was TERRRRIBBLE!! In order to maintain my happiness with the series i do my best to pretend the last few books dont exist.

  • I/O
    20 Mar '11

    Haha, I love these comics so glad I found them. Though now I'm sad because you reminded me that I never finished the animorph books because I only owned the first 16 and the library near me never had the others :(

  • @silumanluwak from twitter
    @silumanluwak from twitter
    29 Mar '11

    i love those book, K. A. applegate right? *did i misspell her name?* your comic brings back some old memories :D i like it

  • Matt
    21 Apr '11

    Animorphs! =D

  • Santi
    2 Jun '11

    Animorphs rules! I'm about to be twenty-four, I'm reading Animorphs for months and I'm about ten books to end the series, the Animorphs are really awesome (once I fulfilled my Virginia owl transformation, but there was anyone to see it)

  • monkeychipped
    23 Jun '11

    It was one of the only books series that came before Harry Potter for me

  • Joshua Cruz
    Joshua Cruz
    19 Jul '11

    Scholastic is re-releasing Animorphs, but they got rid of the little flip comic morphing, I was only missing like 6 from my collection

  • Huh
    4 Aug '11

    lol I act like that some times to screw with my friend who's way too serious :P

  • Benjamin
    10 Aug '11

    i only ever read into the late thirties of the series. but i read all the companion books. the elimist one was my favorite. :)

  • Matt
    19 Aug '11

    YAY I'm not alone! Everyone I know thinks the books are so dumb and bad but I love them <3 Still missing books from the series though... Didn't have enough to buy them all at my school book fairs in elementary T__T

  • Lauren
    20 Aug '11

    Am I the only one who just picked them up off the pile, flicked through the pages and watched the little animation come to life? Oh, and don't forget the part when I completely neglect to read or return them till like 5 years later.

  • ThatGuy
    26 Aug '11

    I had all the books. they are the books that got me into reading (before i'd just read science books) I read all of em. when i'd wait for another to come out i'd work on re-reading them. I stopped rereading at about 30. I read the first 30 five times each.

    the "as a kid" is misleading i think. Because yes they have big font and are relatively short (i could start one at the begginning of the day. read before class between each class, at lunch, on the bus, and be done by the next day...if freaking school didnt get in the way) but i tried to explain it to my S.O. And why i liked it. I explained all the coming of age stuff and the intensity of the kids having to have lives in their hands and make adult decisions. Their reply was "when did you have time to be a kid." I didnt know what to say. Animorphs helped raise me and taught me about responsibility and courage. Its a great series and death to all who oppose it. (note: Not being into it isnt opposing it. Just cus something isnt your thing doesnt mean its bad or you think it is. the problem is only with people who think something is bad cus they dont like it).

  • Ella
    7 Sep '11

    Haha, ever since I read the series I started hating ants xD I'd step on every ant I saw xD I still do for some reason, and I always think to myself: "Die you mindless b*stard, DIIEEE!"

  • Chris
    5 Oct '11

    oh yes animorphs! i loved those as a child. My aunt would always send me about 7 books every gift-giving holiday, and i read them all soooo fast hah! In fact i recently wrote a paper using the Yeerks as a metaphor!

  • Sarah
    7 Dec '11

    Oh my god! I used to pretend I was an animorph when I was a kid. I was far too obsessed. Oh, those were the days... It's also really awesome to see you're from New Zealand - I'm moving back there next year and I can't wait (I've only been gone for a few months but NZ is wonderful, so...).

  • Björn
    1 Jan '12

    I read all the books! Best kids' series ever... even better than Chet Gecko. :D

  • Ty
    7 Jan '12

    shoelace always looks so feirce with his eybrows

    i've never read animorphs, i liked the covers and i wanted to read them but i guess i never got around to it... *goes to library*

  • Glacier_Nester
    17 May '12

    Wanted to read the whole animorphs series, but my local library got closed before i could find them all. D:

  • Nekoko
    17 May '12

    They aren't popular in this day and age, which is sad... I still read the whole series...

  • Toshi
    24 May '12

    Just make sure not to keep Shoelace attached to your head longer than two hours...

    ...Actually, you'd like that, wouldn't you?

  • Mickey
    14 Jun '12

    First comment of 2012! My boyfriend Stumbled here saying it reminds me of him and I and it does so much it's frightening! I love love loved Animorph's as a kid, and hope to get the entire collection now that I'm a big girl.

  • Chris the Blue
    Chris the Blue
    23 Apr '16

    I used to* pretend I was a Beast Wars Transformer. Usually Megatron. That or Dinobot.

    *I still do sometimes.